With its freshly quarried riven surface and finished edges, the range of sympathetic regional stone colours gives Canterbury a timeless appearance wherever you are.

* Full and Half circles available.

Project Packs

Shades Sizes (mm) 600x600 600x300 300x300
Old Cotswold
Slate Grey
Mellow Amber
No./Project Pack 9 8 8
Standard Project Pack
This Contains 5.63m2 and consists of 25 pieces (based on a joint of 10mm)

Single Size Packs

Shades Sizes(mm) 600x600 600x300 450x450 300x300
Slate Gray
Mellow Amber
m2 Per Pack 11.16 11.35 12.7 5.77
no./Single Size Pack 30 60 60 60
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