Carcassing Timber


The phrase carcassing is normally used to refer to timbers processed for use in structural applications, for example roof battens, floor joists and studwork for partitioned walls.

Sydenhams have available a wide range of sizes and lengths of timber that can be strength graded and treated to your requirements.

To compliment our stock profile of carcassing timber, contact your local branch if you require:
  • Lengths over 6m
  • Larger section sizes
  • Sizes not shown on website
  • C24 Strength grading
  • Non Standard Profiles (Firrings etc.)
  • Machined or Sawn
To see the full range of carcassing timber available from Sydenhams, see :


Machined Carcassing

We keep stocks of machined carcassing, including CLS and regularised Timber.

Visual Stress Grading

Our stress graded timber is either graded in the country of origin to BS4978 or visually stress graded at our milling facilities by our highly qualified stress graders. Minimum thickness we can do is 38mm.

Kiln Drying

The majority of our Carcassing Timber is kiln dried to 20% or less moisture content in line with building regulations.

Product Description

Width Between 19mm and 300mm
Thickness Between 19mm and 300mm
Lengths 1.5m upto 7.2m
(Subject to branch availability and size)
  • Treated under licence to Osmose AC-500
  • Vac-Vac Treament (Organic Solvent PROTIM 418)
  • Non Treated Resawn
  • C16 (from stock)
  • C24 (please specify)
  • Internal Building Timbers
  • Floor Joists
  • Roof Trusses
  • Tile / Roof Batten
  • Framing Timber
  • Roof Soffit
  • Bargeboard
  • Cladding
  • Gravel Boards
  • Decking Supports
  • Fencing
  • Gates
  • Arbours, Arches & Garden Buildings
  • Edging Boards
  • Garden Furniture
  • Poultry Housing
  • Playground Equipment
  • Sledges