Sydenhams stock several types of chipboard for various uses, which are all F.S.C. compliant.

Standard Grade Chipboard (non-flooring applications) sheet sizes 2400 x 1200 x 12mm
and 2400 x 1200 x 18mm.

Flooring Grade Chipboard which has a higher density and comes in a Tongue & Grooved (T&G) profile and is 2400mm long x 600mm wide in thicknesses 18mm and 22mm.


It is stocked with us in several forms:

  1. Weyroc P5 is a moisture resistant board and is suitable for uses within bathrooms, toilets, and general construction.

  2. Weyroc PCX is moisture resistant, but coated with a polythene film that protects the board whilst work continues. The film is then removed when the work is completed. This board is ideal for renovation or refurbishment work.

  3. Weyroc Protect is moisture resistant, but has a resin impregnated paper on both faces that stops water from penetrating the board. This means that if the board is laid correctly, with the specified glue, it can be left exposed for 42 days. It is anti Slip, which allows construction to continue in all conditions.

  4. Weyroc HDX is a heavy-duty board, which comes in 38mm thick. It is suitable for mezzanine floors, racking etc. For internal use only.