The Sydenhams Flooring & Hardwood experience

We specialize in the import and supply of many types of hardwood and are also large importers of engineered flooring.

Over the years engineered flooring has become more popular and better quality. 

It is constructed from several layers of plywood and varies in size, from a 6mm solid wood on top of a 21mm base and 4mm solid wood on a 15mm base. 

Engineered flooring is one of the preferred flooring methods to use in most modern homes and work places. The construction of the flooring  makes it much more stable than a hardwood solid floor. 

The 21mm range can be fitted over joists in the same way as a solid hardwood 21mm, but can also be fixed to a subfloor or underfloor heating. 

Our engineered flooring can be supplied in various finishes, please look at our range for more styles and colours.