Glulam Beams

Glulam Beams are a natural alternative to steel or concrete, used where strength and clear unsupported spans are key factors.

Offers a versatile range of uses from roof and floor beams to decking, in fact almost any structure.

Glulam Beams are manufactured using a lamination process, using mainly spruce but also redwood and Siberian larch - all sourced from sustainable forests.


Glulam Beams are bonded using an adhesive that is both water and weather resistant.

Glulam Beams are suitable for domestic or commercial applications.

Sydenhams can supply Glue Laminated Beams in sizes from 42mm x 225mm to 140mm x 630mm, and up to 15m long, with other sizes upon request.

Properties of Glulam Beams are

Glulam Beams range of uses

  • Can be curved to shape during manufacture
  • Have strength properties 18% that of normal timber
  • Easy to install - Easy to handle and work on site using hand and power tools, plus easy erection.
  • Lightweight - one-sixth the weight of a reinforced concrete beam (two-thirds the weight of steel)
  • Fire-resistant - fire self extinguishes itself unless beam exposed to direct flame
  • Good looking - Unlike concrete or steel
  • Good insulation properties unlike steel

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