Roofing Batten

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Roofing batten is used to accomodate the fixing point for roof tiles or roofing sheets. The position and spacing of the battens are dependant on the type of roof.

Roof batten may be positioned at right angles to the trusses or rafters of a roof, like purlins. They may be parallel to the slope of the roof, as on a batten seam roof, where the battens cover seams in the roofing material and are themselves covered by metal caps.

Some roofs may use a grid of battens in both directions, known as a counter-batten system.

Sydenhams Branches carry a large stock of roofing battern, if you require a large order then contact your local branch for details of availability and pricing.

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Product Description

Sizes 19mm x 38mm
25mm x 38mm
25mm x 50mm
Lengths 3.0m upto 5.4m
(subject to branch availability and size)
Treatment Treated in country of origin
 Grade Grade 'A' available
Higher specification to BS5534 (subject to availability)
Information Battens are dried in order to comply with the correct moisture content recommended by British Standards and should not exceed 22% moisture content at time of fixing.