Skirting & Architrave


Skirting board is a board covering the lower wall, usually moulded. It covers the uneven edge of a floor by a wall and also protects it from kicks, knocks and furniture. Architrave is usually a plain or elaborate moulding used to frame a doorway, panel, niche or window. Architrave can be used to define, enrich and to give emphasis where there is none.

At Sydenhams, we offer a wide variety of Skirting & Architrave in many different profiles, such as Bullnose, Chamfered, Ogee and Torus.

MDF Skirting & Architrave from stock are primed; Pine and Oak are untreated. Treated Skirting & Architrave is available to order.

The size charts below list all sizes of skirting and architrave, this is to enable you to find a skirting and architrave to match, for example, if you require 25x150 Pine Ogee skirting, you can look in the size chart and see that Sydenhams produce a 50mm, 63mm and a 75mm architrave to suit.

Product Description

Sizes Skirting & Architrave comes in a variety of sizes, use the size charts on this page to find the correct width and thickness.
  • Pine
  • Oak
  • MDF
(See size chart below for more detailed information)
Treatment Non-Treated from stock, Treated Skirting & Architrave are available to order only
  • Unsorted Joinery (Pine)
  • 5th Grade Joinery (Pine)
  • F&S (Oak)
*Most branches stock 5th Grade JJoinery, unsorted is usually to order only


(Unfinshed Sizes) Pine sizes available

First find the style, then the width, then the thickness

Pine Ogee   Pine Torus

Thickness :
19mm 25mm    Thickness : 19mm 25mm
 Width : 50mm 50mm   Width : 75mm 50mm
  75mm 63mm     100mm 75mm
  100mm 75mm     150mm 100mm
100mm       125mm
125mm       150mm

150mm       175mm

175mm       225mm


Pine Chamfered   Pine Bullnose   Pine Ovolo

Thickness :
19mm 25mm   Thickness : 19mm    Thickness :  25mm
 Width : 50mm 63mm   Width : 50mm   Width : 63mm

(Finished Sizes) MDF sizes available

First find the style, then the width, then the thickness

MDF Ogee   MDF Torus   MDF Chamfered / Rounded

Thickness :
15mm 18mm   Thickness : 15mm 18mm    Thickness :  15mm 18mm
 Width : 58mm 44mm   Width : 69mm 58mm    Width : 44mm 69mm
  69mm 58mm     94mm 69mm     69mm 94mm
  94mm 69mm     119mm 119mm      94mm  
  199mm 94mm    
  144mm 119mm    
    145mm        219mm        

MDF Ovolo   MDF Pencil Round   MDF Bullnose   MDF Lambs Tongue

Thickness :
18mm   Thickness : 15mm 18mm    Thickness :  15mm   Thickness : 15mm 18mm
 Width : 69mm   Width : 199mm 44mm    Width : 44mm   Width : 119mm 69mm
58mm     69mm       199mm
69mm      94mm        145mm

Oak sizes available

First find the style, then the width, then the thickness

Oak Ogee
Oak Torus
Oak Chamfered/Rounded
  Oak Pencil Round

18mm 20mm   Thickness: 20mm    Thickness:  20mm  21mm   Thickness: 18mm
 Width: 69mm 68mm   Width: 68mm   Width: 68mm 118mm   Width: 69mm
  119mm 140mm  

Unsorted Joinery

This is the best quality Redwood Joinery, where the lower grades have been removed (sorted). Unsorted Joinery is mainly used in the manufacture of doors, windows, stairs, but can also be used for top quality machined products, such as skirtings, architraves and dado rails to name but a few.

Best Joinery (5th Grade)

This is the next grade, a more multi-purpose grade, which can be used for Prepared Timber (Planed) and general mouldings such as cladding, flooring, skirting, architraves and many others.

6th Grade

The lowest grade that we import which has larger knots and more defects. It is used for packing cases, can be used for some claddings, and furniture manufacture where the defects add to the features of the furniture.