Reclaimed Railway Sleepers


Hardwood second-hand railway sleepers are perfect for a large range of uses in garden and landscaping projects.

With their eye-catching rustic looks and unbeatable ground contact durability, due to their creosote treatment, these sleepers will last for many years.

So, come and choose from our selection of second hand railway sleepers which are the perfect addition to any garden.

Oak Railway Sleepers


These green, new oak, untreated railway sleepers have fantastic durability and outstanding quality.

New railway sleepers can be used for a variety of landscaping solutions such as retaining walls, edging, kerbing and raised beds.

Other popular uses are furniture and fire surrounds.

Tanatone Railway Sleepers


New railway sleepers are very popular. One reason being is that they are extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects. They can also be used many purposes whether its a raised bed or to help build a retaining wall. 

These sleepers are often purchased for home use or for commerical landscaping projects.