Specialist Boards

Sundeala k Board


An interior panel that is made from densely compact fibres (recycled newspaper), which give it strength and durability.

It is best suited for notice boards as it is easy to cut to size and has excellent pin retention. Sydenhams stock is 9mm thick.

Product  Edge Detail  Size(mm)  Thickness (mm)  Density Kg/m²  Weight Kg/m² Fire Performance  Acoustics  
"K" Quality Square  1220 x 2240  6 & 9  500  6mm 3.3  0.15 
          9mm 4.9    
"K" Colourboard Square  1220 x 2440  500  4.9  0.15 
"A" Quality Square  1220 x 2440 12 500 6.7 - 0.15
FRB Square  1220 x 2440 9 650 6.5 Class B 0.15
FRB Colourboard Square  1220 x 2440 9 650 6.5 Class B 0.15


SUPALUX is a strong, lightweight non-combustible, fire-protection building board, made of a calcium silicate composition and gypsum-free.

It offers:
  • Excellent dimensional stability - can be used even in damp or humid conditions and has very low thermal shrinkage.
  • Moisture resistance - can be safely installed in semi-exposed environments and before a building is watertight, contributing to a faster build.
  • Wider temperature range - can be used in high temperature environments, up to 80°C working temperatures in areas such as plant or boiler rooms and diesel generator flues.
  • Slim constructions - can be used to create space-saving solid wall partitions without the need for mineral wool.


Antinox Protection Boards are often used as a floor protection board, but they are also used to protect doors, walls, stairs, floors, columns and other building features.

It offers the following advantages:
  • Heavy duty protection for floors, foors & windows
  • Supplied in 2400mm x 1200mm sheets
  • Cushioned impact protection
  • Manufactured from recycled material
  • Fully waterproof
  • Easy to cut to size
Being an independent merchant Sydenhams have the ability to source and supply the full range of Specialist Boards on the market at competitive prices. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.