Trussed Rafter Solutions

Sydenhams Timber Engineering provide a wide range of trussed and alternative roof solutions including:


Standard Trusses

Using the latest truss design software most designs can be completed using a web designed truss, in simple terms the truss is comprised of a series of horizontal, vertical and angled timbers to create triangulation as shown in the example below, typically a roof of this design can be produced within days.


Attic Trusses

By their definition attic trusses are designed to enable usable space within a roof, this could be for an additional bedroom or for storage, using our design software we can look at maximising your space or providing vital storage, typically an attic trussed roof can be designed and manufactured within a week.

Raised Tie / Scissor Roofs

If head room is an issue or overall dwelling height is a planning consideration then we can design your trusses to overcome these problems, using a raised tie truss we can provide additional headroom as shown in the first drawing or alternatively we can design in a scissor truss to gain headroom.


Glulam Roof Beams / Portal Frames

If the proposed design of your roof is not achievable using a convential truss design then Sydenhams can incorporate Glulam Laminated Beams to provide support intermediately or as a design statement the beams can be left exposed to provide maximum impact as shown in the example below.