Ventilation at Sydenhams

At Sydenhams we stock and can source a wide range of Ventilation products for most building purposes, including:

Flues & Chimneys


We supply concrete and clay flue vent systems for chimneys from fire backs right the way up to the pot. There are a vast amount of systems available with our branches carrying a selected range in stock. We can also send any plans away to have a take off completed, listing all parts and products required.


Domestic Ventilation


We supply a range of ducting and fan systems that can be used throughout the house. A typical example would be a 4" fan and ducting system to vent an internal bathroom which can have a pull, timer or humidistat switch depending on the requirements. There are other systems available within the Manrose range for different purposes so please ask in branch. 


Building Ventilation

We supply a range of Manthorpe ventilation systems for use when building a property from the foundations to the roof. This covers roof vents, eaves vents, weep vents, fascia vents, air bricks and telescopic vents and other products.
Being an independent merchant Sydenhams have the ability to source and supply the full range of Ventilation products on the market at competitive prices. Please speak to us if you have any specific requirements.