Most of our branches have extensive brick libraries with manufacturers photo cards to be taken away to assist with your brick match. Many of our branches have a brick specialist with comprehensive knowledge of bricks that are manufactured in and imported into the UK. You will get a professional and friendly service backed up by the technical support offered by all of our brick suppliers.

Clay Brick Types



The Wirecut range of bricks is the most widely used in the UK. The process of clay extruded through a shaped die with sand or texturing giving the final finish to the brick. Wirecut bricks are produced with crisp sharp edges in a vast range of colours and textures.

Stock Bricks

Stock bricks are formed by pressing wet clay into a sanded mould. This process gives the brick a softer texture and a more irregular appearance. These are also manufactured in a vast range of colours and textures.


This is a soft-mud process. The moulds are lubricated with oil or water giving bricks a smooth finish.

Handmade Bricks

Handmade bricks are made by a person throwing the clay by hand into a mould giving the brick a distinctive look with both creases and an irregular appearance. These are widely known bricks which give a character finish with its own style.



Engineering bricks have a high compressive strength and low water absorption. There are two grades of engineering brick, Class A being the stronger with a minimum compressive strength of 125N/mm2 Class B has a minimum compressive strength of 75N/mm2. Both types are ideal for use below DPC level.

Special Shape Bricks:

All manufacturers make a vast range of special shaped bricks to match all the above processes. Some of our branches keep a range of these bricks in stock. We also offer a cut and bond service reducing lead times on special shaped bricks.