Fascias & Soffits

We offer a range of UPVC Fascia & Soffits from one of the UK's leading manufacturers in professional building products, Freefoam.

With a wide range of low maintenance long lasting PVC-EU fascia, in a wide selection of colours and styles - Freefoams PVC Fascia range will help to improve the facade of any property. 
All Fascia boards are manufactured in 5 metre lengths with a variety of widths. Systems come complete with matching accessories to ensure a professional finish on all jobs. 
Fascia's come in:
  • A wide range stocked in White
  • Selected lines also in Anthracite Grey
  • Available to order from any Sydenhams branch in full colour range.

We also have available a wide range of light easy-to-fit soffit also from Freefoam, which is designed to work with their fascia range.

Fascia & Soffit - Freefoam
Fascia & Soffit - Freefoam

Roofline & Window Systems

  • Fascia Cover Board - 10mm
  • Magnum Fascia Cover Board - 18mm
  • Ogee Fascia Board - 10mm
  • Flat Soffit Board - 10mm
  • General Purpose Soffit Board - 10mm
  • Vented General Purpose Soffit Board - 10mm
  • Hollow Soffit Board - 10mm
  • Bullnose Window Board - 10mm


Fascia Trims

  • Square In-Line Joints
  • Square Corner Joints (Internal & External)
  • Square Double Joints
  • Square Double Corner Joints
  • Ogee In-Line Joints
  • Ogee Corner Joints (Internal & External)
  • F Wall Joint Trim
  • H Wall Joint Trim
  • J Starter Trim
  • Poly Nails
  • Poly Pins

Other Trims

  • Architrave-Pencil Round
  • D Section
  • Quadrant
  • Flexible Angles
  • Rigid Angles

White PVC-UE Cladding System

  • 151mm Shiplap Cladding
  • Starter Trim
  • Universal Edge Trim
  • External Corner
  • H Joint Trim
  • Butt Joint Trim
  • Cladding Pins