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Sydenhams offer a wide range of Metalwork from industry's leading suppliers. Please see some of our products below. For more information, please contact your local branch.

Masonry Joist Hangers

Masonry Joist Hangers are for supporting timber joists, beams and trussed rafters and masonry walls. 

Material: Pre-gavanised mild steel. 

  • Built-in inspection slot at the base of the hanger to aid inspection from the ground. 
  • Top flange provides widest area in contact with masonary support allowing superior perfromance. Embossment oh JHM stiffen top flange and holes allow improved mortar keying.
  • JHM side flange on deeper hangers is much higher than tradtional style, providing greatly enhanced resistance to joist rotation. 

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation instructions 

Mini Hanger 

The MHA is a galvanised mini joist hanger suitable for use with regularised timber, rough sawn timber, I-Joists and LVL.

Ideally suited for small timber sections and timber members; such as trimmers and ceiling joists.

Material: Pre-galvanised mild steel.

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements


Timber Joist Hangers

JHA is a height adjustable joist hanger for supporting timber joists from timber members.

Material: Pre-galavanised mild steel.

  • A galvanised joist hanger that provides great support with ease of installation.
  • Published performance values are based upon 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails being used throughout.
  • Wider strap provides more surface area on the supporting timber and allows increased nail spacing, enhancing the performance of the critical hanger-to-support part of the connection.
  • Minimum and maximum nailing schedules are stamped into the strap providing correct installation information for site operatives.
  • Speed-prong holds the hanger in position to allow easier attachment. The installer no longer has to try to hold hanger, joist and nail with one hand and swing a hammer with the other!
  • JHA270 range features a location tab which allows easier alignment of the hanger.
  • The model number and size is stamped into the seat of the hanger for easy identification, even after installation.

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements


Restraint Straps 

Traditional Light Duty

Traditional Light Duty

Traditional Heavy Duty

Traditional Heavy Duty

Engineered Restrain Strap

Engineered Restrain Strap

Traditional Restraint Straps are manufactured in two types:

Traditional Light Duty - to provide vertical restraint against uplift forces

Traditional Heavy Duty - to provide horizontal restraint

Engineered Restraint Straps

  • Direct replacement for traditional style straps
  • Thinner but engineered to be stronger
  • Formed edge design gives additional strength on bend
  • Quicker to install - can fit over top of floor joists and truss bottom chords and no need to notch joists
  • Saves considerable installation time
  • Easier to course with blockwork
  • Complies with BS EN 845-1

All Simpson Strong-tie straps are CE / UKCA tested and approved

Truss Clips


The TCP truss clip attaches girders, trusses and rafters to wall plates to provide wind restraint.

  • TCP Truss Clips may be used for general purposes, strongback attachments as allpurpose ties wherever one member crosses another.
  • Speed prong provides temporary attachment for ease of installation.
  • Obround holes for easier nail driving.

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements

Framing Anchors

The A35E anchor’s exclusive bending slot allows instant, accurate bending on site for all two and three-way connections.

  • Balanced, completely reversible design allows the A35E to be used to secure a wide variety of connections.

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements

Angle Brackets

Angle Brackets are designed for multi-purpose fixing applications and can be used as replacement cleats, nailed or bolted.

  • manufactured from hot dipped pre-galvanized mild steel.
  • brackets may be used for timber/timber, timber/steel and timber/masonry connections
  • brackets may be fixed with screws, nails, bolts or coach screws
  • must be used in pairs to prevent eccentric loading

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements

Nail Plate

Nail plates are used to connect two or more timber members together. They are available in a variety of sizes.

  • Versatility of applications
  • Can be bent on site
  • Pre-glavanised mild steel.

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements

Multi-Purpose Fixing Bands

FB20A fixing band is for all general light strapping needs. Perfect for DIY, industrial and agricultural applications. Comes in convenient 10 metre rolls.

FB20A, which comes supplied in a rugged plastic dispenser, making it much easier to transport and work with.

  • Available in galvanised or stainless steel.
  • FB20A supplied in a rigged plastic dispenser for ease of use.
  • Supplied on a 10 metre roll.

Timber Frame Tie SSFS50 Type 6

The BTS  wall ties are used to restrain external brickwork back to timber frame building structures.

The BTS offers an outstanding combination of performance and cost in a wall tie for use with timber frame. Allows up to 24mm of differential movement.

  • Austenitic stainless steel

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements

Frame Tie

When fixing windows, door frames etc. to masonry, the frame tie provides enhanced mortar keying and reduces the risk of injury from sharp edges.

Note: Frame tie should be fully embedded into mortar.

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements

Crocodile Wall Extension Profile

The quick, easy-to-fix way to tie-in new walls to existing walls without cutting out brickwork. Suitable for walls of up to 3 storeys high, i.e. up to 8m maximum.

The C2K Crocodile Wall Starter is a quality engineered wall connector system that has been developed for use with most brick and block modules. This system has been designed for multi-purpose use where reliability and durability are important requirements. It provides lateral support to masonry wall panels in conversion, extension and new building work.

  • BBA Approved for up to 8m, 3 storey work.
  • Accommodates 10mm of vertical movement.
  • Adjustable anchor ties to accommodate variation in brick courses.
  • All fixings and ties provided within the packs.

The multi-purpose ‘no flange profile’ that has been designed to cater for brick and block walls of widths from 60 to 250mm. Ideal for internal and external applications where both sides of the new wall are to be fair faced.

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements

Wall Ties

*for installation refer to manufacturer's installation requirements

Staifix HRT4 Light Duty Tie

Type 4 wall tie for use in the external walls of houses up to 10m in height. Altitude and wind speed restrictions may apply. Type A tie suitable for internal separating walls of buildings of any height.

Length (mm) Cavity (mm)
200 50-75
225 76-100
250 101-125
275 126-150

Staifix RT2 General Purpose Tie

Type 2 wall tie for use in the external walls of houses and small commercial developments up to 15m in height. Altitude and wind speed restrictions may apply.

Length (mm) Cavity (mm)
225 76-100
250 101-125
275 126-150

Ancon ST1 Heavy Duty Tie

Type 1 wall tie for use in the external walls of buildings of any height anywhere in the British Isles.

Length (mm) Cavity (mm)
200 50-75
225 76-100
250 101-125

RD3 Wall Ties

Type 3 tie suitable for external walls of houses and small commercial buildings up to 15m in height, built on flat sites, where basic wind speed is up to 27m/s and altitude is not more than 150m above sea level.

Length (mm) Cavity (mm)
250 101-125

Ancon Double Triangular Wall Tie 250mm

Double Triangle wall tie with multi-drip.

Length (mm) Cavity (mm)
250 101-125

Ancon PPS Movement Tie

Flat tie used with a debonding sleeve to allow the masonry to expand or contract. For vertical movement joints.

Available in 200mm length.

Staifix Universal Insulation Retaining Clip

For use with standard Staifix stainless steel ties in partial fill cavities.

Staifix Wall Starter Ties

For joining new walls to existing masonry.

Screw-in tie supplied with 8mm nylon plug for joining new masonry to existing walls without the need for jointing.

Ideal for construction of conservatories, extensions and garden walls.

Staifix Cavity Starter Tie

Screw-in tie that simplifies the build of an inner leaf of blockwork within an existing structure. Supplied with 8mm nylon plug and neoprene "o" ring.

Ancon Helical Bar

For permanent repair of cracked masonry.

Size: 1m x 6mm

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