Rope, Chain and Fittings

Sydenhams stock a range of rope, chain and fittings from Eliza Tinsley.


Eliza Tinsley ropes are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure the highest levels of performance.

Blue Poly Rope

Twisted polypropylene rope is very resistant to abrasion, rot and mildew. It is superb, cost effective product ideal for use outdoors. It knots well, retains its shape and floats on water. It comes in easy to handle pre packed coils.

Sizes listed:

  • 6mm x 30m
  • 8mm x 30m
  • 10mm x 30m
  • 12mm x 30m

Sisal Rope

Natural colour and texture rope, biodegradable and easy to handle in oily conditions. It comes in easy to use, pre-measured, re-loadable reels.

Sizes listed:

  • 6mm x 15m
  • 8mm x 15m


3 Ply Sisal Twine

Natural colour and texture twine, biodegradable and easy to handle in oily conditions.


Parcel String

Strong and long lasting, resistant to organic solvents and marine growth. Thin or medium thickness available.




Light/Medium Duty Welded Long Link Chain

For general purpose applications such as garden use, park swings or securing heavy loads.Available in Black or BZP finish.

  • 2.5mm x 2m - maximum load 30kg
  • 4mm x 2m - maximum load 85kg
  • 6mm x 2m - maximum load 140kg



At Sydenhams, we also do a range of fittings to suit our range of ropes and chains:
  • Staple on Plate
  • Hook on Plate
  • Ring on Plate
  • Carbine Hooks
  • Spring Hooks
  • Cleat Hooks
  • Swivel Harness Snap Hooks
  • Equal Eye Swivels
  • Quick Repair Links
  • Dee Shackles
  • Snap Swivel Clips
  • Plug Chain Fixing Kits