Shelf and Storage

Our range of shelf and storage products come from Rothley and John George.



Twin-Slot Shelving

  • Ideal for use throughout the home and in commercial and public sector buildings.
  • Made from strong 2 mm steel with a durable, hard wearing white finish
  • Easy to fit & adjust to required height and size


Wall Uprights

  • Available in a wide choice of lengths.
  • Sizes listed (mm): 425, 710, 1000, 1220, 1600, 1980, 2400

Shelf Brackets

  • Available as standard or heavy duty.
  • Sizes listed (mm): 114, 165, 216, 267, 317, 368, 470

Flexible Bookends

  • Flexible bookends clip into uprights.
  • Sizes listed (mm): 150, 200, 250



Standard Shelf Brackets

London Pattern Shelf Brackets

  • Traditional stayless pattern
  • Used as a part of economical shelving system
  • Come in Epoxy White or Epoxy Grey Finish.
  • Sizes listed (mm): 100x75, 125x100, 150x125, 200x150, 225x175, 250x200, 300x250, 350x300.

Reinforced Brackets

  • Suitable for medium weight storage.
  • White powder coated finish.
  • Sizes listed (mm): 100x75, 120x150, 150x200, 250x200, 300x250.

Mitred Brackets

  • For heavier weight storage.
  • White powder coated finish.
  • Sizes listed (mm): 200x200, 250x250, 300x300, 350x350.