Bead and Mesh


Sydenhams offer a wide rande of metal and PVCu Bead and Mesh from Expamet - the brand you can rely on. Their benefits include high levels of performance, ease of use and fast installation while meeting the complex demands of individual projects. 

Please talk to your local branch about your specific requirements.


Metal Beads

Metal Beads for Internal Use:

Angle Bead
Pre-galvanized steel.
Provides a true, straight corner which protects and reinforces plaster where it is most vulnerable.
Plaster Stop Bead
Pre-galvanized steel.
For use as a trim for plaster up to openings and abutments or where a change of substrate is required.

Metal Beads for Thin Coat:

Thin Coat Angle Bead
Pre-galvanized steel.
Thin Coat Small Mesh Expanded Wing Angle Bead
Pre-galvanized steel.
Thin Coat Stop Bead
Pre-galvanized steel.

Metal Beads for Dry Lining:

Plasterboard Edging Bead
Pre-galvanized steel.
A reversible, dual-purpose bead which reinforces plasterboard edges by enclosing them in a protective steel section.

Metal Beads for External Use:

Angle Bead (Standard Wing)
Stainless steel
For external render work.
External Render Stop (Bell Cast, Standard Wing)
Stainless steel
Forms and protects lower edge of render.
Stop Bead (Standard Wing)
Stainless steel
Finishes and protects render edges.
External Render Stop (Bell Cast)
Pre-galvanized steel
Forms and protects lower edge of render. Sheltered locations only.

PVCu Beads

Plastic beads provide all the benefits of traditional metal beads with the added advantages of a light flexible material, aesthetic elegance and cost effective regulatory compliance.

Choice of two colours available: White and Ivory.

Angle Bead
For use on all plastered or rendered corners where a true, sharp corner is required. Protects and reinforces plaster where it is most vulnerable.
Movement Bead
Used where the underlying substrate changes, or where minor movement in the structure beneath the render is expected. Movement beads should not be used over structural movement joints.
Thin Coat Angle Bead
Provides a true, clean corner for plasterboards/smooth backgrounds. Protects and reinforces against cracking.
Stop Bead
Designed to deliver a clean edge. It protects and finish plaster and render edges.
Bell Cast (Render Stop) Bead
Forms and protects the lower edge of external render. It is used above doors, windows and at DPC level.
Dry Lining Arch Bead
Readily bends to create curves and arch forms for decorative plaster requirements in thin coat and dry lining applications.

Metal Lathing


Suitable for internal or external applications Metal Lathing is easily formed, allowing designers to create free forms such as arches, domes and vaults in a trouble-free effective manner. Metal Lathing can also be used as a carrier for fire protection finishes to structural steelwork.

All forms provide an excellent key for plaster and render for internal and external wall finishes and suspended ceilings.

Sydenhams stock galvanized and stainless steel Metal Laths in three main forms:

  • Diamond patterned mesh (Expanded Metal Lathing) for internal use.
  • Diamond patterned mesh (Expanded Metal Lathing) for external use.
  • Herringbone patterned mesh with V profiled ribs (Riblath) for external use.



Exmet Coil Mesh


Exmet is a galvanized mesh reinforcement for internal plastering over wall chases.