Our range of HIPPO tapes are made for all uses.

Whether you need it to repair, protect from paint, anti-slip, hazard tape or you need a strong all purpose tape, we have it in store. We even stock speciality tapes such as aluminium, package and pipe repair tape. 
For tapes of all sizes and uses, find your local branch.

All Purpose Tapes

HIPPO Xtreme Tape compentently goes much further than standard "Duct" and "Gaffer" tapes with bigger, better performance. A strong, versatile and extremly durable all purpose tape that can be relied on to perform even when exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

HIPPO Heavy Duty Tape is a strong, versatile, all-purpose tape that adheres firmly to most surfaces including rough, uneven, unforgiving materials like wood, stone, plaster, brick and many more.

HIPPO All Weather Tape is a premium grade UV stabilised, polyethylene transparent tape designed for use in all types of weather. Formulated to provide excellent resistance to humidity, plasticizers, oil, rain water, salt water and direct sunlight.


Masking Tapes

HIPPO Clean-Edge Masking Tape is a unique high quality thin paper masking tape that delivers a professional sharp, fine edge first time, every time. Suitable for use with both solvent and water based paints the UV resistant coating means it can be used inside or outside.

HIPPO 14-Day Masking Tape is a UV resistant tape with a specially formulated adhesive designed for direct exposure to sunlight. Ideal for use on window frames and areas exposed to direct sunlight.

HIPPO Low-Tac Masking Tape has a natural rubber adhesive that provides versatility for use on many delicate surfaces where conventional masking tapes could damage the surface.

HIPPO General Purpose Masking Tape is a good quality, general purpose, easy-to-tear beige tape for quickly masking areas before painting. For use on flat, clean and fully dry surfaces with gloss or emulsion paints.


Safety Tapes

Anti Slip Grip Tape is a strong self adhesive tape that will adhere to most surfaces and help prevent slipping under foot. Perfect for stair nosings, walkways, ramps and all other areas. Once applied provides a durable and effective non slip solution.

HIPPO PVC Hazard Warning Tape is a heavy duty plasticised PVC film coated tape with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive suitable for demarcation of hazardous areas.


Speciality Tapes

HIPPO High Performance Aluminium Tape is designed to seal and protect sensitive assemblies and surfaces including plastic components from heat & light sources. Widely used in the construction industry for pipe lagging, duct sealing, heating and ventilation projects. Coated with acrylic adhesive on one side, and lined with a release paper to protect the adhesive face. It's moisture and chemically resistant.

HIPPO Double Sided tissue tape has dual layers of high tack acrylic adhesive. Ideal for permanent hidden joins. It can be used on a wide range of surfaces including glass, paper, rubber, plastic, polycarbonate, felt, foam, stainless steel and other metals.

HIPPO Packaging Tape is a multi purpose polypropylene tape that adheres particularly well to cardboard, card, paper and most types of packaging materials.

HIPPO Advanced Pipe Repair Tape is an easy to use rescue tape that's suitable for repairing leaks and cracks in many types of pipe including copper, plastic and garden hosepipes. Create a permanent, waterproof and airtight seals even under pressure up to 11 bar. As well as fresh water use it on pipes that carry fuel, oil, solvents and salt water.  It can be used in areas exposed to prolonged sunlight and high temperatures as it is UV and heat resistant up to 260° Celsius.