Environmental Policy

At Sydenhams Limited (and Group Companies) we are aware of, and responsible for, our impact on the environment. We take our responsibility seriously as a goods & services provider, investor, employer and consumer and we are committed to understanding and continuing to improve our environmental impact. Our environmental policy is set out below, and is intended to help us to achieve a sustainable development path.

  • At Sydenhams we recognise that our activities can have an impact on the environments in which we operate, and throughout the wider supply chain. Understanding, managing and reducing our impact on the environment has been increasingly important in recent years and is something that the Group takes seriously.
  • As a Group we regularly measure, monitor and improve our environmental performance and aim to minimise our impacts through commitment to this Group Environmental Policy Statement.
  • To assist us with our objectives we engage environmental consultants to assist with our ESOS and SECR reporting. Recommendations from their reports are then incorporated into Board discussions and acted upon as appropriate. Statutory disclosures are also made in the annual accounts which are filed with Companies House.
  • It is imperative that we comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and government guidance and honour relevant industry codes of practice. As a Group however, we do not just look to meet the minimum standards and aim to go beyond these wherever practical.
  • We look to increase staff awareness of the environmental impact of their activities and give training in ways to reduce such effects. Similarly, our suppliers and service providers will in turn be encouraged to improve their environmental performance. This is achieved either directly or through our membership of respected industry bodies.
  • Sydenhams Group are proud to source timber from responsibly managed forests and our Timber Centres that supply the Group are FSC® (C110484) and PEFC compliant.
  • We endeavour to minimise the use of natural and synthetic resources, to conserve water, be as energy efficient as practicable and minimise the risk of pollution.
  • Sydenhams continues to look towards the minimisation of waste, the re-use or re-purpose of waste material where possible. In addition, recycled content products are fairly evaluated and used where equal in performance to less sustainable materials.
  • Activities producing polluting by-products are regularly reviewed including the effects of transportation and the content and sources of consumables.
  • Sydenhams strives to maintain good relationships with neighbours and local communities through minimisation of the environmental effects of our activities.