Oils and Lacquers

Wood floor oils and lacquers are used to protect, preserve and enhance the beauty of your wood flooring. They create a protective barrier beetween the wood and anything that comes into contact with it.

Choosing the right products to finish your floors is vastly important as both offer different advantages and require different level of maintenance.

Advantages of lacquer finish:

  • Floors are easier to care for and do not require frequent re-treatment.
  • Lacquer finish offers better protection level in areas exposed to heavy foot traffic.
  • Lacquer creates a shiny finish so it perfect for those who would like a gloss or high gloss effect.
  • Lacquer creates a barrier on top of the wood without penetrating its surface giving it more protection against spills than oil finish.

Advantages of oil finish:

  • Creates a classic natural wood look.
  • Wood colour deepens and enhances over the years.
  • Oil deeply penetrates the wood providing more than just a surface protection.
  • Scuffs and scratches are less visible than on a lacquered floor.
  • Oiled flooring can be spot repaired.

At Sydenhams, we offer a wide range of Wood Finishes from leading brands like Osmo and Bona.

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  • Comes in Clear Gloss, Clear Semi-Matt, Clear Matt or Clear Satin finish.
  • Available sizes: 0.375L, 0.750L, 2.5L, 10L.
  • Allows simple application without primer or intermediate sanding.
  • Microporous surface allows wood to breathe and reduces swelling and shrinkage.
  • Resistant to dirt, water and abrasion.
  • The use of plant ingredients creates a more evenly coloured and harmonious appearance.
  • Provides hardwearing and durable protection for wooden flooring and furniture.

  • Colours available: White, Light Grey, Honey, Amber, Terra, Graphite, Black.
  • Sizes available: 0.125L, 0.750L, 2.5L.
  • Water-repellent, dirt-resistant and durable.
  • Satin wood finish.
  • Based on natural plant oils and waxes.
  • Simple application - without primer or intermediate sanding.
  • Microporous surface allows the wood to breathe and reduces swelling and shrinkage.

  • Sizes available: 0.750L, 2.5L.
  • Specially developed for wood prone to moisture and susceptible to blue stain in wet rooms such as bathrooms.
  • Strongly water-repellent.
  • Produced without biocides or preservatives, it is also suitable for exterior wood, for which an absolutely ecological impregnation is desired, e.g. children's toys and sandboxes.   
  • Microporous, breathable primer which does not crack, peel or flake.

  • Rich professional clear satin finish in just one application.
  • Sizes available: 0.125L, 0.750L, 2.5L.
  • Can be polished for a higher sheen.
  • Accentuates grain and texture of the wood.
  • Extremely water resistant and dirt repellent.
  • Suitable for all interior use such as flooring, furniture and joinery including wet rooms, kitchens and bathrooms - does not suffer from water marks.

  • Large selection of colours: Oak, Oak Antique, Light Oak, Walnut, Pine, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Cognac, Ebody, Silk Grey, Granite Grey, White, Lightly Steamed Beech, Clear.
  • Sizes available: 0.125L, 0.375L, 0.750L, 2.5L.
  • For high tread surfaces such as flooring, a second coat of Polyx-Oil is required.
  • Resistant to water and dirt, is wipe-proof and stain resistant.
  • Easy application - no need for sanding between coats.
  • Available sheen levels: Silkmatt, Matt, Extra Matt.
  • Available sizes: 1L. 2.5L, 10L.
  • Tough and stain resistant.
  • Spot-repairable.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Very low in odour.
  • Free from cobalt and ketoximes.
  • Easy handling and application with roller, brush or trowel.
  • High coverage rate.
  • Enhances the grain and colour of the wood .
  • Open, breathing surface – Inhibits side-bonding.


  • Available sheen levels: Gloss, Silkmatt, Matt, Extra Matt.
  • Available sizes: 1L, 5L.
  • Superior protection against spills and scuffs.
  • 1K simplicity with 2K performance.
  • High resistance to wear.
  • Highly recommended for underfloor heating and heavytraffic interior residential and commercial floors.
  • Excellent flow and levelling.
  • Made of renewable resources for the most part.
  • Available sheen levels: Silkmatt, Matt, Extra Matt.
  • Available sizes: 4.55L + 0.4L Hardener.
  • An ideal choice for shops and public locations where minimal downtime is important and the highest possible durability is required.
  • EC1RPLUS approved. The industry's best possible assurance against indoor air pollution for a high level of health protection and environmental compatibility.
  • Very low odour.
  • Non-yellowing.