To finish your flooring, it is recommended that you use oil, varnish or protector, to ensure your flooring is long lasting and finished off to the highest standard.

We have the tools to help make lighter work of your floor finishing. Floor brushes are ideal for oils and can be used again and again with pure and compact bristles.

Osmo Floor Brush

Osmo Floor Brush is ideal for any flooring. In addition to interior floors, the Osmo Floor Brush is perfect for applying decking oils and stains to garden decking.
  • 100% natural hair bristle brush for application of oils
  • High-quality beech wood head and robust backing plate
  • Soft tips give fine control in achieving the desired effect
  • Makes short work of large areas
  • Ideal for use with Osmo Telescopic Handle
Product Size 150mm 230mm
Product Code LD985180 LD985170
Osmo Floor Brush

Natural Bristle Brush

Natural Bristle Brush
These natural bristle brushes are suitable for use with all Osmo finishes and natural wood finishes. They are available in a choice of sizes to suit your painting requirements. 
  • Natural-bristle brushes with metal ferrule and wood handle
  • Short, thick bristles carry a lot of finish and are stiff enough to allow vigorous brushing
  • Designed to work especially well with OSMO wood stains
  • Can also be used with other brands of oil-based stains
Product Size 25mm 60mm
Product Code LD791910 LD7919120