Palio Gluedown by Karndean

With a variety of different wood designs, you're bound to find something from the Palio Gluedown range that will fit your area.

 If you're looking for a Luxury Vinyl Flooring that's adhered to the floor as opposed to a floating floor which is not permanently bonded to the subfloor, (such as Palio Rigid or Palio Looselay) Palio Gluedown offers an ideal solution for any room. 
While Palio Gluedown does require more sub floor preparation however, it's low maintenance, waterproof, durable & compatible with Underfloor Heating, making it an ideal solution for any space.

Palio Gluedown is supplied in pre-cut planks and tiles, available in 2mm thickness with a 0.3mm wear layer. 

Palio Gluedown is available in a PLUS range - Palio Gluedown Plus. This comes with a 2.5mm thickness, and 0.55mm wear layer.

This means Palio Gluedown is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, however, a professional installation is required. Additionally, you can add Design Strips to personalise your flooring!

Palio Gluedown is made up of 5 layers from top to bottom:
  1. PU Coating - A surface protection system uses PU
    technology to provide a hygienic and durable finish.
  2. Clear PVC Embossed Wear Layer - Protects the floor’s design from wear and tear.
  3. High Definition Photographic Layer - Gives every Palio Rigid product its highly realistic and natural appearances
  4. & 5. Backing Layers - These layers contain recycled content and helps the product lay flat & level.
For more information, please do get in touch with one of our many branches and they will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have!