Palio Rigid by Karndean

With a variety of different wood designs, you're bound to find something from the Palio Rigid range that will fit your area.

When you are looking for a quick fitting floor that is not permanently fixed to the subfloor, Palio Rigid offers an easy installation method of laying planks over an existing hard floor and click-locking them into place.

Its rigid core structure provides dimensional strength and stability for laying over uneven subfloors and there’s no need for a separate underlay, making it a speedy installation choice.

Palio Rigid is made up of 6 layers from top to bottom:
  1. PU Coating - A surface protection system uses PU
    technology to provide a hygienic and
    durable finish.
  2. Clear PVC Embossed Wear Layer - Protects the floor’s design from wear and tear.
  3. High Definition Photographic Layer - Gives every Palio Rigid product its highly realistic and natural appearance.
  4. Rigid Core - The binder in the core is composed of PVC and reinforced with mineral core to ensure a stronger, more stable product which allows you to install Palio Rigid over imperfect subfloors.
  5. Stability Layer - Helps the product to lay flat and
    level, increasing dimensional stability and mechanical strength.
  6. Acoustic Backing - A pre-attached acoustic foam backing makes Palio Rigid quieter to walk on than laminate or engineered hard floors, and reduces noise transfer to rooms below.
PVP145-SCB Torcello
Ideal for rooms above ground level with its built in acoustic foam backing that reduces impact noise transfer to rooms below by 19dB.
Palio Rigid features a 2G click-locking mechanism and is installed in the same familiar way as the Palio Core range.
For more information, please do get in touch with one of our many branches and they will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have!