Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating, one of lifes little luxuries and not as difficult to install as you first thought. We have a range of electric powered or Water fed systems that will give you that comfort of warm floors underfoot - but which one?

Both systems can be used in almost any application but with some projects, one may be better than the other.
1. New Build vs Renovation
With a new build you will be able to go for one or the other, but if your retro fitting to an existing property then you'll need to ensure that you have the right floor heights to install one system over the other. Electric based systems tend to be better for renovating as the floor heights aren't such an issue.
2. Location
Water-Fed systems are generally better for ground floor useage, and larger areas to achive better energy efficiency. We would also recommend that you undertake a heat loss calculation so you can choose a system that provides more heat output than the maximum heat loss.
3. Costs
This sometimes is what it bows down to, and you will need to weigh up your installation costs - plumber over electrian and also running costs over a longer period of time, which will have an effect to what system you choose.
Have a look at our Water and Electric options here, or if your still unsure then contact one of our branches and they will be happy to help.