Ways to make your Bathroom more relaxing and luxurious

Your bathroom should be a calming part of your home, made for peaceful, personal moment’s as much as practical uses. However, it can be those extra features that really make the space special for you and your loved ones.  

We have come up with some small and big features or changes you can make to your bathroom environment, allowing you to unwind properly. This can be decorative changes or features that can be added to your space that will add luxurious vibes.

Lighting –

Pendant lighting is one of those features that will never go out of style – It has become an iconic modern fixture and being a light fitting suspended from the ceiling with a thin metal chain, it adds the illusion of having no suspension at all. 3 pendants are usually used for this kind of lighting, often at different heights to give it a quirky look.

This style in your bathroom can add an upscale feel especially if placed over a free standing bath, adding minimalism to your space with a statement look, which is ideal when creating a calming but fancy environment

Alternatively, if you’re wanting to add a bit of colour and sound to your space, enabling you to play relaxing songs and add mood lighting, then we have exactly what you need. – HiB Rhythm Ceiling Light is a circular glass shade that has a speaker and colour changing features.

You are able to remotely control the brightness, colour and volume, whilst also allowing you to connect your mobile or tablet to play your favourite tunes through Bluetooth. Perfect for calming, soothing music whilst trying to take it easy in the Bath!


Talking about Baths, if you’re wanting to transform your bathroom into a more relaxing and luxurious space then having the perfect bath should be a priority.

Whether wanting a bath for two, or wanting a spa like experience, your bath can transform the environment of your Bathroom. Baths are the perfect way to unwind whether alone or with your partner – The Infinita Quantock Double Ended bath is the perfect choice for the space and comfort you need to share your bath with another or even to be able to stretch out all to yourself.

A smaller but lavish addition to your Bath is having the Vado Overflow Bath Filler – Taking away the use of taps, this device fills up your bath in a spa-like manner.

Providing a more elegant way to fill up your bath whilst removing the obstruction of taps!


Mirrors are important in any room but the Bathroom especially, being where you may get yourself ready to start the day or winding yourself down before going to bed. They can be used to add space into your room through a cabinet, eliminating the appearance of clutter – This adds minimalistic qualities which ultimately adds to a more relaxing setting.

For a more high-end look and feel, HiB have Illuminated Aluminium Cabinets that have a beautiful look but also amazing features – Groove 60 features a double door cabinet with LED back-lit illumination, demisting and Bluetooth connectivity through integrated stereo speakers.

These will give you the perfect lighting whilst also allowing you to add an element of calming sound to your bathroom experience without the fuss of having added technology in your bathroom to get wet!

These are all some bigger, more deluxe features that you can have in your Bathroom to make it more calming – However, there are of course little changes and additions that can be done to transform your room.

Scent -

Having the perfect scent in your Bathroom can really make a difference when trying to relax – Strong smells can trigger the emotional centre of the brain so picking the perfect scent can make a big difference.

Scents such as Lavender, Chamomile, and Jasmine are known for their soothing and calming qualities, as well as Clary Sage, Orange and Rosemary which are best for anxiety reducing and uplifting. Whether using these scents through candles or aromatherapy oils – It’ll make your Bathroom smell and feel dreamy.

Plants -

Another way you can gain a more calming presence to your Bathroom whilst adding purifying air to the space is through Plants!

However, you’ll have to be careful which ones you choose due to the humidity that comes from the room.

Try any of these options: Orchid, Peace Lily, Fern, Bamboo, or Aloe Vera as these are the best to thrive in high humidity whilst giving your space the light, fresh feel you deserve.

Colour Scheme -

Perfecting your Colour Scheme in your space can affect not only the mood of the room but also your own – Certain colours much like scents can evoke certain emotions so picking the right one for you is important.

It is said that Blue is the most relaxing colour and is associated with relaxation and stillness, however colours like Green, transmit a more restful and quiet feeling, as well as Pink which can promote peace.

There are many more ways of making your Bathroom a more relaxing and luxurious space, however these are just some that you can do – We all deserve to feel more calm and tranquil so why not start with your Bathroom?

Our 7 Kitchen & Bathroom showrooms have designers that can help you bring these ideas to life and we can help you make your Bathroom the perfect environment for you. Come into branch or get in touch to chat to us about your dream design!