Bathroom Tile Trends for your Summer Revamp

Did you know that summer is the best time to do up your house? So let’s start with your bathroom! We’re selecting some of 2021’s top tile trends to inspire you for your home…

Graphic Patterned Tiles

Graphic tiles can act as a beautiful accent feature anywhere – whether on the floor or the wall – or both! The best thing about them is that there’s such a large choice of styles to choose from, allowing you to go for a bold, colourful look or a more subtle, traditional design. You have the world at your fingertips with patterned tiles so take the opportunity to explore your creative side! This year’s trending pattern is leaning towards Moroccan-inspired tiles, which adds bright but delicate and elegant decor to your bathroom.

The photos below show just how flexible the styles of patterned tiles can be. On the left, we have Tile Flair Victoriana Dover Blue, a gorgeous example of Moroccan-inspired tiles. On the right, we have Ca'pietra Modern Lattice Sulphur Encaustic, a more modern design.

Victorian Tiles

Inspired by the Victorian period, these tiles are ideal for almost anywhere in the house, and will give your bathroom a traditional but tasteful character. While it may be assumed that this kind of style works well in old-fashioned houses, it can really compliment a modern interior too due to the contrasts of colour and graphics that these tiles add to your home.

You can explore a variety of colours with Victorian tiles, as shown below with Atlas Ceramics Cambridge on the left and Ca’Pietra Atlas Encaustic Denim on the right.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles have always helped to create an intricate and specific wall design, so they are perfect for creating an eye-catching feature in your bathroom. Glass and metal mosaic tiles in particular reflect light and exaggerate the space, which means they suit smaller bathrooms well. Mosaic tiles come in different forms – glass, metal, natural stone – so you have a lot of choice with the type of aesthetic you want to create.

Below are Tile Flair CMX Grey Stone Mix Mosaic on the left, and Atlas Ceramics Fantasy Neo 300mmx300mm on the right.

Subway Tiles

Originally invented for the underground tube stations, subway tiles are perfect if you’re going for a modern-industrial bathroom design. While traditionally they are glossy white or off-white, they are now offered in a much larger range of colours and finishes. This allows you to incorporate patterns into your bathroom and make it your own. Additionally, all black bathrooms are trending this year, giving you the perfect opportunity to try a feature wall… Or why not create a whole room of beautiful black subway tiles?

Check out these stunning variations of the traditional subway tile. On the left is Tile Flair PVT Bevelled Black Wall Tile, with Ca'Pietra Colour Pop Ceramic Marinho on the left.

Marble Effect Tiles

Marble effect tiles add a feeling of quality and luxury to any bathroom through their minimalist and classy aesthetic. To achieve a timeless and clean look, it’s recommended that you select large format tiles – this way you avoid using so much grout.

These brands show how both matte and glossy hexagonal finishes can make your bathroom look impressive. Left: Atlas Ceramics Elgin Gloss White Marble. Right: Ca'Pietra Manhattan Porcelain Rosa.

Hexagonal Tiles

Also known as the honeycomb design, this groovy geometric design creates a coordinated look, giving off an artistic and long-lasting impression to your guests. This contemporary design adds depth to any space and has gained popularity for being so versatile and its ability to be incorporated into any interior design. If you love bright, bold textures and patterns, this one is for you!

Look at these gorgeous hexagonal tile designs, with Tile Flair Ventoux Shadow on the left and Ca’Pietra Medina Hexagon Porcelain Salvia on the right!

All these products are available to order from your local Sydenhams Kitchens and Bathrooms showroom, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information and get started on building your dream bathroom!

The above article was published on 2nd of June 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.