Top Tips on Refurbishing Your Bathroom

The Finer Details vs The Bigger Picture

When refurbishing your bathroom, it can be helpful to focus on the finer details of your bathroom, such as the handles or lighting, rather than the overall interior style that you’d like. This is because interior styles can be tastefully combined to make your own unique style, especially modern and traditional design which is becoming a popular trend.

… So we’re going to help you decide on the smaller details first!

Use Copper, Chrome or Gold Metals

Upgrade small metal objects such as towel rails and taps to copper, chrome or gold for a subtle and polished character. To prevent these features from invading the space, stick to small objects!

Above we have Burlington's Edwardian 120cm Double Basin with Gold Washstand and Claremont 3 Tap Hole Mixers in Gold

Above is Clearwater Batello Bath and Anglesey Bath Shower Mixer Deck Mounted, which is currently on sale in Bathroom Brands' annual Big Bathroom Sale (until 14th November)

Install a Statement Mirror

Every bathroom should have a mirror, so why not make yours stand out from the rest? There’s such a wide range of mirrors, making it particularly easy to find one that suits you – whether it’s abstract, vintage, modern, light-up. While round mirrors are popular, other interesting mirror shapes can enhance a room’s look.

HiB Theme 60 LED Mirror dazzling in our Salisbury Showroom

Pictured above is Roper Rhodes Hampton 1200 Mirror

Replace Your Normal Lighting with Atmospheric Lighting

Bathroom lighting is often bright and sometimes overwhelming. For this reason, bathrooms aren’t always seen as opportunities for interior design, but rather rooms of function. This doesn’t have to be the case! Add warmer lighting and lampshades to your bathroom to improve your bathroom’s ambience.

HiB's Rise Pendant Lighting is perfect for setting the mood in your bathroom

Alternatively, if you prefer colour-changing LED lighting with a Bluetooth speaker installed, the HiB Rhythm Bluetooth Ceiling Light and Speaker is the one for you!

Install Wall Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles help to create an intricate and specific wall design, perfect for creating an eye-catching feature in your bathroom. Glass and metal mosaic tiles in particular reflect light and exaggerate the space, so work well in smaller bathrooms. The wide range of mosaic tiles means that they suit almost any design.

Above is Ca'Pietra's Plume Marble Raven Mosaic tiles

Ca'Pietra Instanbul Marble Mosaic tiles for a modern look

Use Natural Materials

Line a bathroom wall with natural materials such as wooden panels or stone cladding to soften the style and add texture. Nature in interior design is trending, after all.

Pictured is Wild Stone Castelo 213 Vigo cladding, perfect for creating ambient indoor areas

Close up of Wild Stone Castelo 213 Vigo

Decorate with Creative Colours and Patterns

As for wall paint, warm neutral tones are in at the moment, but if you’re looking for a bolder style, hand painting a creative pattern onto your wall could be an option. This also creates a focal point for the bathroom, so would be paired best with subtle details around it. Use Dulux’s Colour of the Year, Bright Skies, for a really on-trend wall design.

Dulux's Colour of the Year 2022, Bright Skies

Dulux's colours, Summer Pecan and Heart Wood make a warming combination for a bathroom

If you like the sound of any of these bathroom items, we are here to help! Please get in contact with your local showroom for more information. Don't forget that we also offer a bathroom design service free of charge.

The above article was published on 5th October 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.