A-Grade Becomes Sydenhams Timber Centre! 

You have been redirected here via our A-Grade Timber website. We are currently in the process of changing our 'A-Grade Timber' name to 'Sydenhams Timber Centre' in order to properly integrate you all into the Sydenhams family!

This change will be officially implemented by early September 2023 but there’s no need to fret, it’s only a name change!

Our Sydenhams Timber Centre in Cricklade, Swindon, will still provide you with the same fantastic service, stock range and great prices that you are all used to! However, we’ll now be operating with a brand-new & shiny sign on site, the name on our vehicles and paperwork will be changed, you will notice our invoices, statements and communications will carry our updated name, and our team will be answering the phones using the Sydenhams Timber Centre name too. The bank details and portal information that many of you have been using since Sydenhams acquired A-Grade, will remain the same, so there is absoutley nothing you need to do!  

Sydenhams acquired A-Grade Timber back in 2015 and we’ve been trading as ‘Sydenhams Ltd, Trading as A Grade Timber’ ever since. However, we now believe that changing our name is an essential move for us. We want our customers to see us as one united company and team, working towards the same goal: to provide exceptional products and services to you, our customers! We hope that this small change will help to keep all of our branches under one, cohesive Sydenhams umbrella. 

You will now be able to use your account at any of our existing Sydenhams businesses. Here you will find our Timber & Builders Merchants, Kitchens & Bathrooms Showrooms, Hire Centre's, specialist sheet material supply including sheet cutting, CNC routing and edge banding, and also Timber Frame and Timber Engineering services and products. Please see our website www.sydenhams.co.uk for further details on all of our branches and services.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the branch on 01793 752888, or email sales.cricklade@sydenhams.co.uk

Finally, all of us at Sydenhams would like to thank you for your business and look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come.


The above article was published on 25th of July 2023, and is subject to change and further guidance.