Meet the Manager!

We wanted to make it easier for all of our loyal, lovely customers to get to know our Managers more! We've come up with a little questionnaire that'll give you a insight into the friendly faces behind the branches.

We're kicking it off with none other than Neil Button from our Devizes Branch - You might recognise him from Neils Nibbles on our Facebook and Twitter!


Name: Neil Button


Job Title: Branch Manager of Devizes


How long have you worked for Sydenhams: I've been employed by Sydenhams for 12 years.


Early bird or Night owl: I don't like cocktails.


Beer or Wine: Both


Red sauce or Brown sauce: Brown sauce with Bacon - Red sauce with Chips


Cats or Dogs: Dogs, you look silly walking a Cat


Most useful Tool: Swiss Army Knife


Favourite TV Show: Songs of Praise or Highway


Guilty Pleasure: Nothing to feel guilty about


Choose a Superpower: Invisibility


Describe yourself in 3 words: Honest, Silly, Loyal


We always want to bring a bit of fun into the mix here and we want you to feel apart of the Sydenhams Family - Stay tuned for getting to know more of our Branch Managers in the business!

With our network of 29 branches throughout the South, we are able to supply you with all your building and DIY needs, whatever your project may be. We have 8 Tool & Plant Hire branches, Free Kitchen and Bathroom design in any of our 7 showrooms, Timber Engineering design and manufacture, Flooring, Specialists Timber Machining and general building materials.


The above article was published on 20th June 2020, and is subject to change and further guidance.