5 Ideas for a Garden Revamp

Spring and Summer have quickly arrived, (YES, we made it!!), and now is the perfect time to plan a revamp for your garden. Bringing the indoors, outdoors has become an ever growing trend, and creates your garden into another room of your home.

We have put some ideas and tips together, on the best way to spruce up your little patch of heaven, Sydenhams can’t however promise that we will have lots of sunshine, so you may wish to do a little sun dance every now and then to help bring that sunshine out – but firstly, back to the important stuff…  

Adding a fireplace or firepit

An outdoor fireplace is an all year rounder. If you have a bigger garden space, this can be a great focal point for those evening Summer BBQ’s or even bonfire night – Don’t worry, we’ll bring the Marshmallows! The great think is you can create an area with a fire pit that will be suitable for any sized garden and there’s nothing better than having the heat from a fire to warm your bones! Don’t know about you, but that sounds ideal to us!

A fireplace is something that you can embrace all year round. So, this will definitely help you make the most out of your outdoor space – but please do be careful – take a look at Grenadier’s 7 Outdoor firepit safety tips for more information, and remember not to leave your fire unattended if you have children or pets around.    

Style your shed and wall space

Revamping your shed can be a satisfying project. From deciding how you want it to look to how much time you want to spend on it and YOU have complete creative control! Gone are the days when shed could only be brown, there are now an array of different paints and colours that you can  jazz it up with – take a look at Ronseals Garden Paint for some inspiration on colours, plus – if you have any leftover you can use this on terracotta, brick and metal materials.

Why not, whilst you’re styling your shed, take a look at the fence’s or walls and see how you could make the space more creative. Ideas could include some metal artwork, hanging plants, tea light holders, mirrors – they are great at making small spaces look bigger, or even just a lick of paint. Get the creative juices flowing and really make your garden a comforting space to be in.  

Create a seating area

Having a relaxing haven, where we can catch a quiet moment is a huge plus in any home, but even better if you can enjoy the fresh air at the same time. Whether you go for benches, a dining area, or sofas it’s up to you but remember to think about the following items when you’re planning your area. 

Why do you want a seating area?

Where you want a seating area to be?

How many people do you need to seat?

How comfy do you want it to be?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can then choose the direction you want to go in.

We love the idea of hammocks, these are great for relaxing and can fit into more spaces then you may realise. They come in many different styles, and are the ultimate outdoor comfort where you (or the dog!) can have a lie down and perhaps a cheeky snooze, or simply sit or enjoy watching the world go by.

Light it up

Great for any size garden, but lighting can be ideal if you have a small space to fill. It gives you a spacious, warm and comfy appearance to your outdoor area. With a few added plant pots dotted around, good quality lighting can make the space look bigger, feel modern, and is great for evening do’s outdoors!

Feature Focus

It’s great to have any kind of feature in your garden but water features create a tranquil focal point. The sound of falling water can turn your garden into a peaceful retreat. They reflect light, making your garden appear bigger, and attract all kinds of birds and wildlife!

When choosing a water feature you need to think about what style your current garden has, and how this will fit into your look – are you after something really modern to fit in with the stylish colours already in your garden, or do you need something a little more traditional or rustic?

Once your water feature is set up, remember it will need some maintenance work, however there are many cleaners on the market to help keep your feature free of algae.

Let us look forward to the warm days, the light evenings and giving our gardens some well needed TLC!