5 Stress-Free Ways to Revamp Your Garden This Summer 

When it comes to summer, there’s nothing us Brits love more than relaxing in our gardens, enjoying the warmer weather (hopefully) and soaking up the longer evenings with a bev or two!

Whilst summer brings with it plenty of joy, it also means it’s time to get the garden sorted for the season ahead, which can often involve getting stuck into a few outdoor jobs…

So, we’ve come up with 5 stress-free ways to give your garden a summertime spruce, that won’t break the bank… or your back!

1. Build a Decking 

A simple and effective way to add a luxurious feel to your garden while creating seating, lounging, or BBQ areas! If you're looking for a less-stress alternative to decking, our composite decking ranges are easier to clean and maintain when compared to traditional decking due to their part wood, part recycled plastic composition.

Millboard, Gronodec and Trudeck are among our suppliers and are some of the top dogs when it comes to the decking-bis!  

Why not visit your nearest branch and have a chat with one of our trained experts about colours, styles and installation?

2. Create Some Glow With Outdoor Lighting

If you enjoy being the in the spotlight, or if you simply need some guidance down the garden path after a few too many Pimm's during a summer evening, then outdoor lighting is for you!

Adding lighting, such as garden bollards or spotlights, to your outdoor space allows you to enjoy your garden late into the evening. However, external lighting not only adds functionality, but it also makes your little oasis appear more expensive than it really is. Outdoor lighting costs very little to buy and install but looks a million dollars! Take a look at our garden lighting system here – it's so easy to fit you could do it yourself (if you wanted to!!)

3. Pave the Way

Consider your paving to be the foundation of your garden design, and you'll quickly realise how much cracked slabs and missing corners can detract from the overall appearance of your beautiful garden.

Paving can be used in several ways throughout the garden, creating paths or patios are paving stones most popular use but you can really get creative! Use paving stones to build a planter or lay them out in a hopscotch shape for the kids, they’re a limitless tool when it comes to adding an extra something to your outside area. 

Browse all of our porcelain, natural stone and concrete paving on our website!

4. Construct Some Curves & Shapes 

Whatever the size or style of your garden it’s always worth making space for an arbour/arch…or two. They add structure, height and focus to your garden and can support a myriad of colourful, scented climbing plants – you could even use an arch as an entrance to your garden, giving guests something to wow at upon arrival.
If you haven’t quite got the space for a patio or decking area an arbour can also double as a cosy seating area, a great outdoor piece for couples in a flat garden!

5. Fake It ‘Til You Make It With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is definitely the solution if you want a beautiful green lawn but don't have the time to keep it trimmed and watered. It’s also great if you have pets as it’s super easy to clean, a quick spray with the hose or a brush with a firm bristle broom will do just the trick!

All of our grass is available in 2mtr and 4mtr widths, browse our artificial grass range here or at a branch today. Your neighbours will nearly be as green as your grass with envy when they spot your fresh new lawn!


We're here to bring the fun back into gardening! We're always happy to assist, whether you're looking for a specific product or need some expert advice and knowledge...

To purchase any of the products mentioned, please contact us or visit your nearest branch, and we will gladly assist you. Alternatively, why not browse online today and get yourself excited about that new garden feeling!

The above article was published on 11th May 2022, and is subject to change and further guidance.