All you need to know about Topsoil

If you love gardening and want to grow more plants in your outdoor space then getting the right Topsoil is something you should know about! Soil is your plants source of water and nutrients but Topsoil helps add to this by having high amounts of organic matter, minerals and microorganisms which all encourage your plants to bloom.

There are many different options of Topsoil you can go with, with some being more specialised than others but we’re here to give you an insight into some of the top choices out there and why you need them!


Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil, it’s made up of sand, clay and silt and usually consists of the first 6-8 inches of dirt depending on the area but, this often gets overlooked when it comes to gardens. Topsoil help provide plants with food, water and air whilst also releasing high amounts of minerals and organic matter, all qualities your plants need to flourish. These elements make for the ideal environment for your plants to grow making topsoil a key part in your plants life.

Using Topsoil helps with holding the roots of your plants together, which is where all the water is kept and is incredibly beneficial for growth. The looseness of topsoil allows for your plants roots to grow and spread easily whilst also allowing more access to those nutrients which helps build a solid root system in your garden Your plants survival can be based upon the soil you have and making sure you pick the most ideal topsoil will make your gardening a lot easier to manage and does a lot of the hard work for you.

Types of Topsoil -

Now we’ve gone through all the benefits of using Topsoil to provide the perfect environment for your plants, but what about the different options of topsoil you can choose from. You can find Topsoil in three different grades: Premium grade, general-purpose grade and economy grade and within each grade you have even more options!

Melcourt’s Blended Loam Topsoil – This would be a more general purpose grade as it’s a high quality soil consisting of sandy loam and organic matter, suitable for a wide range of professional and domestic applications. Completely peat and chemical free and easily spread using simple tools, it’s a perfect option for planters and raised beds.
Melcourt Top Soil Blended Loam

Rolawn Blended Soils – Being a more premium grade topsoil you’ll find these are more specialised with specific purposes for the type of plants you’re growing. Rolawn uses natural recovered topsoils which are blended with quality enhancing compost, peat-free soil conditioners and sand. The soils are blended from raw materials so that they have the same consistent quality soil throughout the year, irrespective of the weather.

Rolawn Beds and Borders Topsoil

Bed and Borders Topsoil – With this topsoil by Rolawn it’s a peat-free, organic rich, light and friable blended topsoil with added controlled release fertiliser, which will feed plants for longer, giving better plant health and reduced plant loss.

This option can be used for planters and pots as well! - As the controlled release fertiliser provides balanced fertility to promote healthy establishment of shrubs, trees, plants and flowers, resulting in improved growth rate and enhanced root development.

As it’s easy to use even in wet conditions, it is analysed as being suitable for residential home-grown use, ideal for those of you who want to build your greenery empire from the comfort of your home!

Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil – This option is a slightly heavier fertile, peat-free, friable topsoil which is blended with additional organic matter to ensure consistent growing results. Suitable for a wide range of crops in any planting format, making it perfect if you’re starting out with your grow garden.

This topsoil doesn’t contain manures which can be a variable and in some instances, potentially harmful to any Vegetable or Fruit you’re trying to grow. But, as it is tested in accordance with the revised British Standard, which includes suitability for growing edible crops, you’ll be covered!

Additionally, as this topsoil is easy to work and barrow with even when wet, it makes it perfect for filling raised vegetable beds and planters or enhancing the soil in your garden patch or fruit beds.

Rolawn Vegetable and Fruit Topsoil
Rolawn Turf and Lawn Seeding Topsoil

Turf & Lawn Seeding Topsoil – Perfect for turf or grass seed to get off to the best possible start.

This option is a sandy, free flowing friable topsoil with added GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser, specially formulated to help turf & lawn to grow.

The way this happens is through the controlled release fertiliser which provides balanced fertility to promote healthy establishment of shrubs, trees, plants and flowers.

This results in improved growth rate and enhanced development – everything you could need!

These are just some of the Topsoil options out there but also some of the best – All Sydenhams branches have a selection of top quality Compost and Bark for your garden which you can discover here!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit your local branch to find out more on any of these options.

The above artical was published on 21st August 2020, and is subject to change and further guidance.