Namgrass PURETi

All Your Questions Answered!

What is it?

With our partners at Namgrass, we are now offering the option to purchase artificial grass that has been coated with their new air-purifying product, PURETi. What is PURETi, you ask? Well, read this blog to find out!

What are its benefits?

Just 1mof artificial grass that has been sprayed with PURETi treated artificial grass generates the same air-purifying efficiency as one fully grown tree! How amazing is that?! By converting pollutants it helps to protect the ozone layer!

Furthermore, it disinfects the surface by breaking down micro-organisms, keeping the grass safe and bacteria free!

As well as this, it also keeps the grass clean, preventing the growth of algae, moss and mould. This also means that it breaks down strong smells, so you won’t need expensive zeolite granules for your pet odours!

How does it work?

Using photo-catalytic nanotechnology, PURETi converts the surrounding pollutants and greenhouse gases into safer, more environmentally friendly substances that can be consumed and recycled by plants. Once your artificial grass has been laid, the main ingredient is activated through UV rays from the sun, creating 2 powerful cleaning agents – and the magic begins to happen!

Why do we need it?

We inhale pollutants on a daily basis that have been created by industry, agriculture, traffic, etc. The most dangerous pollutants, however, are the organisms that are so small they can enter your bloodstream through your lungs, causing all sorts of long-term diseases and illnesses. By converting these dangerous pollutants, PURETi is reducing our health risks as well as creating a stunning landscape in our back garden!

How long does it last?

According to Namgrass, PURETi is guaranteed to work at 100% efficiency for 5 years. Following this PURETi will still be active…


What are the requirements for it to work at optimal level?

To maximise the effect that this product has, there should be good air circulation, outdoor sunlight (or indoor UVA light) and a general atmosphere of 25% or more humidity, which is perfect for the UK.

Has this product been used for other things?

PURETi has been used for many other applications, interestingly it’s been used in pigsties to reduce the volume of methane, a greenhouse gas, relieving the smell of methane and reducing the number of worker illnesses.

How do I find out more?

Slowly but surely, science is creating an environment free of pollutants – and we’re here for it! If you’re interested in making your garden more environmentally friendly, check out Namgrass’ page on our website! Or pop into your closest branch and talk to us about the Southbourne and Somerley product range of PURETi-treated grass, and we will do our best to help you!


The above article was published on 1st of July 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.