Artificial or Natural Grass for the home?

If you’re a homeowner with an outdoor space, you may have already had this debate with yourself, or your partner - But it isn’t always easy to make that decision without knowing exactly which one is best for you and your lifestyle!

With Artificial grass becoming increasingly popular within residential properties, it is vital that you know your options to help guide you in making sure your home is the best it can be, so let’s start with your lawn.


Natural Turf -

If you’re wanting an outdoor space that involves you pulling out your green thumb, then going for natural turf will always be a better option.

If you’ve got the time and desire to keep a natural lawn maintained through mowing and removing the weeds for instance, then going for the real deal allows you to have that.

Our natural turf by Rolawn uses high quality blend of grass seed, sown onto the most suitable soil type.

Whilst also being combined with evolved growing and harvesting techniques, they provide the most suitable performance for the diverse UK weather.

Having a natural lawn or turf is going to be great for the environment, it will allow plant life and animal life to grow and live within, whilst also absorbing carbon in the air. With Rolawn, you’ll find that they identify the most ideal soil for turf production, meaning that their turf drains well, is rich in nutrients, and forms dense root systems which is great for sustainability, and great for your garden!

When it comes to spending you’re going to find that this option will be less expensive initially, and for many homeowners a natural lawn comes with! However, you will need to prepare yourself for spending money on maintenance and upkeep. If you neglect your natural lawn, it will naturally decompose taking you back to square one, and could cost you more in time and money.

Rolawn’s natural turf is the only one in the world to be treated with their patented process called Profresh, which is a system that extends the ‘as harvested’ freshness meaning it arrives to you in a healthy ready to lay condition.

Once you receive your Rolawn turf, you’ve now got to lay it, which does take some preparing!

This involves preparing your ground which means removing an existing lawn if you have one, checking the quality and depth of your topsoil and then levelling the ground.

Once you’ve done that you can begin to lay the turf whilst making sure you follow the aftercare.

If you’ve already decided in your head that you’re going to go down the natural route with your lawn – Take a look at our Natural Turf option and our Landscape Products that will help you keep your lawn healthy!


Artificial Grass - 

Artificial Grass is perfect for those of you out there who have very little time, maybe you work away or you’ve got family to look after and taking time out to looking after your lawn is the last thing on your mind!

With this option, you don’t have to worry about any mud, or having to maintain the grass as much. You may have to brush off leaves and debris from time to time but for the most part the maintenance is low.

With our artificial grass by Namgrass, unlike others is manufactured using high quality C6 materials, meaning that it is strong, less sensitive to temperature, and also UV stable. Having a long pile height with various shaped fibres and yarns adds support and stability to the grass, which makes for soft grass that is also perfect for pets!

If you’re wondering how long artificial grass lasts, with Namgrass you’ve got a warranty of 10 years which covers UV stabilisation and colour fade. With no stress of upkeep, you’ve got more time to enjoy being in your outdoor space and with many options to select from, you can choose how your grass looks.

You should make sure to have a budget in mind before exploring your options as that will not only make your decision a lot easier, but it will also differ depending on how large of a space you’re working with. However, after the initial cost, you’re spending is virtually null from when you install it, all sounds great right?

Installing Namgrass, much like the natural turf, will take some planning and effort.

You’ll need to first prepare your area and remove all the old turf and then you need to fit a durable edge around the area the grass will be going.

After that, you can lay the base using Type1 aggregate and once laid you should then spray the area with water to bind the aggregate.

Once that happens, you need to cover the base layer with a weed membrane making sure to pin close to the edging but once you’ve done that, you can begin installing the Namgrass!

If you’re liking the look of our Namgrass artificial grass - Take a look out our selection and get in touch to kick start transforming your space!


 We have everything you need to create your perfect garden, or larger landscaping project – Whether you choose an Artificial or Natural lawn, all our branches have friendly, helpful staff for any queries you have.

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The above artical was published on 8th July 2020, and is subject to change and further guidance.