Ellumiere 12v Garden Lighting - The Landscapers Dream!


Guest Blog by Ellumiere

“It’s unreal how simple this system is yet quality and compact, absolutely love the product” – Daniel Windsor Landscapes

Ellumiere supplies the most simplest and effective 12v Garden Lighting system in the UK - Whether you’re not so practical DIY person or professional Landscape Contractor Ellumiere is certain to bring you a hassle free, easy and quality garden lighting installation!


The Ellumiere range features up to 12 lights per transformer in any configuration and 50m of cable and requires no electrician! 

Fully waterproof and with a two-year warranty, Ellumiere claims to be the easiest 12V ‘Plug n Play’ garden lighting system on the planet. 

If you want something quick and easy then our expandable starter kits have everything you need. Ready to go!

You'll be amazed how stunning your Garden can look with the addition of a few well place lights.

Building your own system starts with great planning, then think about what type of lights you would like to have in your outdoor space! 

Choose from small spotlights to light up plants or larger spotlights to highlight a beautiful tree.

Bollard lights are a great addition to a driveway or paths and deck lights create a fantastic feature around the perimeter of decking, paving and stairs.

Once you have made your lighting choice, you now have to place your lights - It is time to work out your cables!

Measure the distance between each light and write these measurements on your plan. 

You will need a T-Piece Connector for every light except the last light in your sequence. Don't forget to indicate these on your plan!

Now measure the distance from your power supply to the first light and mark this on your plan.

Check the total length of all your cables does not exceed 50m and you should be away!

Plug your transformer into the waterproof socket and this will convert 240v to 12v giving you a safe, easy and reliable mains powered LED lighting system in a flick of a switch.


Ellumiere is the easiest 12V 'Plug n Play' garden lightning system around - Enhancing beautiful Gardens at night!

In stock now at Sydenhams Timber and Builders Merchants, get in touch with your local branch for more information or check out the range here!


The above artical was published on 24th June 2020, and is subject to change and further guidance.