Encouraging and Enhancing Wildlife With ACO & Sydenhams

In a world where rural areas and countryside are dwindling and built-up towns and cities are forever expanding, it is essential that we incorporate wildlife-friendly features into our infrastructures. With the help of ACO’s wildlife range we can do just that!

ACO have a huge range of products that encourage the protection and enhancement of wildlife, we’re going to talk through just a few of them here, or head to their website for more information. Each of these products can be ordered via your local Sydenhams branch, pop into store and have a chat one of our staff members, they’ll be happy to help you make your project creature cautious. 

1. Happy Homes for Small Animals 

The trouble small animals have in town and cities is finding the perfect place to call home!

Creating habitats inside structural components of your home or project is an efficient and considerate way to help out your local wildlife.

ACO’s habitat and refuges include…

Five different opening sized shelters, preventing predator access for different types of animals:

  • Promotes colonisation by providing shelter and protection from predators for various types of animals.
  • No metal reinforcement, so animals are not disoriented.
  • Will not corrode or deteriorate with age.
  • Can be concealed by any chosen material.
  • Internal height 110mm.
  • Polymer concrete refuges will not heat up excessively.
  • Inert material will not desiccate or burn animals’ skin.

Bird Nest Boxes and Bat Boxes to build in to new or existing walls:

  • Provides a nesting area for modern buildings which don’t offer the same recesses for nesting as older buildings.
  • Half-brick width, three courses high.
  • Weather resistant material.
  • 28mm access hole optimised for small birds such as Blue Tits.
  • Can be opened for checking and cleaning.

Forget Road Signs, When It Comes to Small Animals, They Rely on Guide Walls and Channel Tunnels to Show Them the Way!

The ACO Guide walls design prevents all small animals from reaching the roadway or other danger areas, and provides them with a firm, consistent floor area clear of vegetation that they can travel along unharmed. Once they’ve followed the guided wall these small creatures will find themselves at an ACO Climate Tunnel. This will direct them safely under the road or danger area.

The Guide Walls can be produced in a variety of lengths and feature:

  • Two barriers on front face prevent small animals climbing into the danger zone.
  • Will not corrode and leave harmful residues.
  • Front base reduces overgrowth, providing a clear movement area for small animals.
  • Can be retained by backfill and support substantial banks.
  • Minimum operational life 50 years under normal conditions.
  • No metal reinforcement, so animals are not disoriented.
  • Can accommodate curves and changes in gradients.
  • Animals in the carriageway area can move to safety.


ACO’s Polymer Concrete Climate Tunnel system allows small animals to cross roads safely.

Can be installed flush with or below road surface, some of it’s features and benefits include:

  • Certified to Load Class D 400 BS EN 1433:2002.
  • Slots equalise ambient conditions between tunnel and open air, maximising light and humidity.
  • Also available solid top for installation below road surface or where continuous surface is required.
  • Surface installation reduces crossing distance and installation cost.
  • No metal reinforcement, so animals are not disoriented.
  • Polymer concrete meaning minimal thermal conductivity.
  • Polymer concrete is non-absorbent and non-caustic, so causes animals no adverse effects.
  • Use in conjunction with the ACO Guide and Entrance systems.

3. ACO Are Amphibian Allies Too!

Their Wildlife Polymer Concrete Kerb allows animals to bypass gully grating as amphibians will follow the recess in the front of the kerb and therefore won’t fall through the gully grating. Ssssseriously handy for snakes and small newts and lizards alike!

Features and benefits of this clever kerb include:

  • Recess in kerb front allows amphibians to follow kerb line round top of gully grating.
  • Half batter profile to match existing kerb installations.
  • Length matches Standard BS concrete kerbs, so can be installed as a replacement for existing units.

Plus, ACO have just introduced a new Gully Ladder which helps amphibians, reptiles and other small creatures to escape from drainage gullies. Paired perfectly with the ACO Guide Wall, or ACO Wildlife Kerb systems, species can be navigated away from gullies and roads safely!


  • Adjustable length for a range gully depths
  • Weighted bars keeps the ladder accessible at all times
  • Durable materials and solution
  • For use with standard road, and ACO KerbDrain gullies

Frogs, lizards and snakes, will be climbing to safety in no time!

So, if you or your business are taking on a new project at home or in your local area and you can’t help but picture a hedgehog trying to cross the road without some help (eeeekk) then visit a local Sydenhams branch and we will get your conscious cleared in no time with our range of ACO products!


The above article was published on 11th October 2022, and is subject to change and further guidance.