Gardens in 2021 - Trends, Inspo & Tips

Another year, means another set of trends for our treasured Gardens and throughout 2021 you’ll see more natural touches coming through, and our want for our Outdoors and Indoors to be more connected than ever! Let’s find out what else 2021 has in store of your Gardens…


Let your Gardens Grow

Allowing your Gardens to grow wild is becoming increasingly more popular within outdoor spaces at home!

Some are saying ditch the lawn mower altogether, others are finding with less pruning and cutting back all your Trees and Bushes less often, wilder gardens are a lot less stressful.

Get the long grass look!
Wild Gardens - 2021 Garden Trends
Enhancing Wildlife - 2021 Garden Trends

Enhancing Wildlife

With the trend of wild gardens coming through, so are making our Gardens home for natures animals.

Buying plants & shelters that are perfect homes for Birds, Bees and all kinds of insects, are becoming more important to homeowners.

There’s a whole new emphasis on sustainability and biodiversity within our everyday lives that’s gaining traction as the months go by becoming our new natural.

Raised Beds Takeover

Throughout 2021, Raised Beds are taking over Gardens! Whether you’ve already got a green thumb or you’re a gardening newbie, Raised Beds are the don for growing your own Vegetables, Herbs, Outdoor Plants, and more!

This trend can also help bring more dimension to your garden with a split level feel. You can go big or small, and begin your gardening journey however is right for you.

If you like the sound of this trend and want to give it ago, read our blog where we discuss all you need to know about Raised Beds, here.
Raised Beds - 2021 Garden Trends
Monochrome & Minimal - 2021 Garden Trends

Monochromatic & Minimalist

Moving away from those bold colours and statement décor to more monochrome & minimal styles is key to 2021 to allow the beautiful colours of nature to take centre stage.

Garden colour schemes of Grey, White, Black, or completely neutral will grow in popularity within landscaping designs and home gardens over this year.

By using lighter, soothing tones it creates a complete blank canvas that you can build your plants or vegetables around making them stand out.

Balcony Gardening

Over the last year a lot of us haven’t had the outdoor space of an actual garden to keep us going, we’ve had to make the most of balconies!

However, there is a lot you can do in transforming your small space into an urban haven and it can help wonders for our Mental Health to have that connection to your outdoors.

For specific tips and ideas for transforming your Balcony, take a read of our blog on this!

Add some Brick

Bricks and Mortar can add pattern and texture to our Gardens whether through creative designs at ground level as well as use for feature walls and creating shapes/patterns like the Herringbone Pattern!

By using different colour bricks & mortar you can bring personality to these designs.

We have a great selection of Bricks & Brick Slips that could be the perfect addition to your outdoor space – don’t fret to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Outdoor Living

Connecting the Indoor with our Outdoors is the biggest theme throughout our Gardens for 2021 and the best way we can do this is creating outdoor living options, whether an extension of your home, or through Cabins or Summer Houses.

These can used for entertaining guests or would be perfect for kids to play in, the possibilities are endless!

Lucky for you, we have plenty of outdoor living options available for you to gain extra inspiration – check them out here

And that’s a wrap on the best Garden Trends happening in 2021! Whether big or small, our Gardens are more important than ever so making sure it’s the perfect outdoor space for you is top priority and we can help you with that - get in touch with us to discuss any ideas you may have or take a look at our Landscaping Section here.

The above article was published on 30th of March 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.