Gardening in 2020 - Trends to look out for!

Having a garden is an easy way to connect with nature and can often reduce your stress just by being outdoors - Gardening has been linked to improve moods and the physical side of gardening releases serotonin and dopamine which make you feel good! However, with living spaces getting smaller, so are gardens which makes it difficult to know what to do with it.

Whether big or small, here are some garden trends to look out for this year that can be worked into any size space you have! - Even better, we have a great garden design department here at Sydenhams that can help you with any size space or ideas you have.


Vertical Gardens –

This trend will be perfect for those of you with a lack of space or living in an urban environment, these vertical gardens or living walls have already started coming through, however in 2020, you’ll start to see them more in homes.

Vertical gardening involves growing plants on a vertically hung wall or panel through hydroponics or vertical garden pots, using a significantly less amount of space than traditional gardening requires.

You will be seeing these living walls indoors as well as outdoors as even though they may need more watering, they add humidity and helps with great air circulation.

Vertical Gardens - Garden Trends 2020

Even though these vertical gardens are perfect for urban spaces or for those of you who have a lack of space in general, it does not mean it wouldn’t be perfect for any garden whether acres big or meters small, it would be a modern yet practical way of growing.


Natural Finish Flooring, Paving - Garden Trends 2020

Natural finish –

The natural look is one that will be prominent in gardens this year and this can be seen through decorative means as well as nature based.

Where you’ve seen pristine plants, regular concrete paving, and traditional layouts, this year you’ll begin to notice a rise in natural flooring, patterns and textures, and allowing your plant life to grow freely.

The idea behind this natural trend is to increase awareness of environmental care and allowing wildlife to grow. This can be done in many ways through Bee hotels, Bug hotels wildlife ponds and log piles but sustainable soil will significantly rise and with it imperfect but natural gardens. 

We have a selection of natural looking products that will be a perfect for anyone wanting to follow this trend, whether natural paving, natural cladding or decorative aggregates, we’ve got what you’ll need to transform your garden into this direction.


Sustainability with soil –

As mentioned, sustainable soil is a big trend happening this year and will be significantly noticed within gardens, with environmentally friendly materials coming through in 2020 such as natural compost or wood fibre, adding sustainability.

There will also be a ‘no dig’ trend happening within gardening where by reducing the amount of digging will help stop damaged soil structure and with that help with wildlife growth, which is key!

Since, this year is all about being environmentally conscious, using products that aren’t going to leave negative or lasting effects are what to look out for.

Soil - Topsoil - Sustainability - Garden Trends 2020

We have a great selection of sustainable growing options if you weren’t wanting to compost yourself but still want to support this trend!


Grow your own garden - Plants - Vegetables - Food growing - Garden Trends 2020

Grow your own -

Following the pattern of thinking about the environment – Food growing will show an increase over the rest of the year.

Whilst growing your own has been something that you see often within the home environment, you may see more communal growing but also general increase in fruit and vegetable growing.

It is said that growing Chillies, Beans, Peas, Lentils and Soybeans alike, will become big in vegetable plots moving away from more traditional choices.

This is pushing gardens into becoming functional as well as peaceful – A place where you can go to get back to the outdoors whilst also serving a purpose.


Plants –

When it comes to the types of plants that’ll be all the rage this year, you’ll see that Indoor Plants will take over, along with plants that have more than one purpose.

Indoor plants you’ll see not only grow in amounts but also in size – Indoor plants have always been a popular way of incorporating nature into the home, however this year it will be on a much taller scale.

Moving away from plants that can fit on your window sill, you’ll see large greenery come through, like Philodendron, Monstera or Palms. These will have bigger leaves, stems and deeper greens and textures, that’ll stand out in any indoor space.

Plants - Indoor Plants - Outdoor Plants - Garden Trends 2020

In terms of plants with more than one purpose, you’ll be seeing increased choices that have more than one duty – Whether choosing herbs like Thyme, Spearmint and Basil to grow that’ll help with insects over the summer whilst also being used in your cooking. Or plants that emanate strong scents whilst also being used for herbal remedies, like Lavender, Mint or Lemon Verbena.

All of these trends will be perfect for any garden, whatever the size you have to work with and we hope you’ve been left inspired to give your garden a well-deserved 2020 revamp.

Don’t hesitate to check out our Landscaping products or get in touch and let us help you kick start your new outdoor space!