Get Your Home and Garden Ready for Spring With Us!

Pack up those winter coats and boots (okay maybe not just yet…) but spring is here! British spring has officially begun, so there’s no time like the present to get ready for the season ahead. Spring is all about embracing the new and taking the chance to freshen up your home. After a long British winter, your home may be in need of some T.L.C, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

The Best Thing About Spring? Being Able to Get Outside in the Garden!

While finally being able to enjoy some sunshine in the garden with an ice cold bev is close to perfection, the lawn might not quite be so perfect…

A lot of us don’t enjoy the regular mowing that comes with this sunny season, so why not eliminate it all together?! Namgrass provide the solution to all those mowing problems. Artificial grass has come a long way and now looks more realistic than ever! Namgrass even provide options for a more sustainable artificial lawn, with Namgrass Pureti. Every 1m2 of our Pureti enriched artificial grass, available in styles Somerley or Soutbourne, will have the air purifying efficiency of 1 fully-grown tree!

If the end to all your mowing woes isn’t enough to convince you to make the move, then how about some discounted styles in our spring Bumper Blue Book ’23. Shop Namgrass’s Eden, Eclipse and Pragma from as little as £14.99 m2 EX VAT.

Perhaps covering part of the grass is the best bet for you? A new patio or decking would go down a treat when hosting those Easter time BBQ’s.

If you’re not looking to commit to a big garden change up but fancy a bit of an outdoor spring refresh, why not spruce up some of the more decorative areas? Fresh aggregates, a sleeper raised flowerbed or adding a decorative fence can really make all the difference.

Shop Pavestone calibrated paving in a variety of colours, Grange fencing, sleepers, Natural Selection aggregates and all the tools you need to lift and shift these materials around the garden here!

We All Know British Spring Can Be Hit and Miss, so Spending Time Inside Might Be Inevitable…

Adding touches of spring to your home with bunches of tulips or some new spring-themed ornaments is an easy way to welcome the season but if you want to go one step further, there’s no better time than spring to dust of those paint brushes.

Spring 2023 is all about, citrus colours, blush pinks, rusts and Palladian blues but you don’t need to follow the spring trends to freshen up your home.

In 12 of our branches, we provide a Paint Mixing Service, which means you can dream up any colour, for any room in your house and we’ll be able to whip it up for you. If you’re really feeling inspired by spring, bring something into a paint mixing branch (a cushion, a flower, a paint swatch card, you name it) and we can scan the item using the scanner attached to our mixing machine. We’ll match the colour for you and get it all mixed up and ready to go! Dreaming of pink tulip-coloured walls? No problem, we’ve got you covered.  

The Best of Both Worlds, Let the Outside in Through Windows and Doors

We would all like as much natural light as possible flooding into rooms inside our homes, because, let’s face it, in the UK we have to get as much sunlight as we can before it disappears again! Perhaps this year is the year to install some extra windows or patio doors

Not all of us have the capacity for a dreamy skylight in our homes, a roof window can be the next best thing. Not only do roof windows allow you all of that extra natural light but they also ensure an increased level of thermal comfort. Roof windows with energy-efficient glazing can improve a home's thermal comfort all year long by retaining that warm air inside during the winter and keeping out the heat during the summer. Or why not whack those new windows open and feel that cool summer breeeeeze! Shop our range of Keylite & Velux windows in branch today. 

Need a quicker exit to the garden? Or fancy dining alfresco (ish) from your lounge dining table? Install some patio doors! With our staff’s expert advice, we can help you pick patio doors that are just right for you and your home. From French, to bi-fold, we can get allll the styles ordered into store for you. Just pop in and have a chat with one of our team.  

If you’re still yet to feel those spring vibes, head to your local branch. We’ve got plenty of deals and offers on spring products ready and waiting for you in our first Bumper Blue Book of ‘23. Want to try before you buy? Have a browse through the Blue Book here, or pick up a copy in your local branch to take home with you.

All we need now, is the weather, as the old saying goes "Sometimes you need the rain to know you miss the sun,"… But you've made your point now, Rain! Give us some sunshine now please.


The above article was published on 23rd March 2023, and is subject to change and further guidance.