Going Eau Natural! 

So, you have decided on using Natural Stone Paving for your area!

We understand that finding the right paving can mean a lot of research, if you’re still not sure what stone is right for you, then visit our Paving the way towards a new garden post which will hopefully help you with answering this question. However, if you have chosen the Natural Stone Paving route, then please do read on...

We stock a number of different Natural stone paving across all of our branches, hopefully this post will help to give you a snapshot of the different types we can offer to you, but you can also view them here.


Natural Stone Paving

Limestone is an attractive yet durable paving which has a slightly softer surface than sandstone. It complements classic and contemporary gardens, giving it a textured but modern feel. It comes in a variation of colours from dark to light, so you can be sure to find something that suits your needs.

The dark tones of Black Kadapha will mellow over time to a graphite grey, so perfect if you’re looking for something particularly stylish – and we hear that Grey is very in this year!! However, if you’re thinking of something a little warmer then Abbey is your answer, with its subtle golden shades that will add a timeless charm to any garden.

Also thinking about the importance of practicality, this stone is great for outdoor furniture, and although the paving face looks textured – it’s actually flat, so you can be sure eliminate that annoying rocking of any patio tables, chairs or BBQ’s!

If limestone is for you then take a look here.



If you have a little sun capture area in your garden and you are thinking of turning it into a courtyard of terrace then Tudor Cobble is perfect. Its small size makes it perfect for small areas and will make them look bigger than they actually are!

The Red and Pink colours of the Oxford or Priory cobble will make any sunny area look warm and inviting – perfect for that G&T on the terrace or BBQ on the courtyard!

The stone is also great for a driveway, as it is extremely durable and gives a stunning entrance to your home!

To view all the colours available then take a look here.



Perfect if you have a Tudor, Victorian or Edwardian property - the name really does give it away! Tudor Antique will perfectly compliment the older age of property.

This hand crafted natural stone already comes with the time worn look and feel giving your garden an established appearance without 100 years of waiting! It comes in a variety of colours – it really just depends what you’re looking for but click here for more information.

Slate is a timeless beauty, full of character. We’d almost say it creates your area into a piece of art, but before getting all Damien Hirst on us, you still have a choice of two colours to choose from.

Our slate natural paving either comes in deep, dark colour tones of Blue/Black in the Midnight range, or the vibrant Gold and Bronzes of the Rusty Slate, you can be sure to wow your guests with this stone.

Slate can be used indoors or outdoors, so it’s ideal for all weathers and all places!

To see the pack sizes then find more information here.

Natural Stone Setts are perfect for the rustic look. You can create a winding pathway from your back door to your shed, or simply to add border to patio paving or driveways to give your area that little bit extra.

Perfect if you want an English country garden…Oo very rustic!
To view our range of Natural Stone Sets click here.


Polished Sandstone is perfect if you want to create a luxury higher class look for your garden. It’s a smooth slab with a matte look to it and is great for the creation of modern, contemporary areas.

Polished Sandstone not only looks good but it also feels good 'under foot’ making it ideal for either internal flooring or external paving. Take a look here for further information however any of our branches would be happy to help if you’d rather pop in!


Finally, we do recommend viewing any natural stone product before purchasing, our photos just don’t do it justice and that way you can see how individual each slab really is. Plus we like to see your faces and if your still stuck on which path to go down (get it!!) our staff will be happy to assist.  

What do you feel would be perfect for your home?