Hints and Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Area

Guest Blog by Tobermore

Do you wish you had a garden to enjoy during the spring and summer months, for outdoor dining or for children to play safely? The idea of revamping your garden can be exciting but where do you start? Take a look at our hints and tips for getting your new garden project underway...


1. Find inspiration for the style of garden you like!

You could browse magazines, Pinterest, Instagram or create a ‘My Favourites’ folder using Tobermore’s inspiration gallery over on their website, here!

Do you prefer modern and minimalist with straight lines or a more traditional cottage garden style with curved lines and soft planting?
Find out your Favourites and come into branch and we can help revamp your Paving!


2. Do you want an area for entertaining?

Paving slabs/flags provide the perfect patio area for garden furniture for outdoor dining and entertaining.
Perhaps consider the Tobermore EasyClean range – EasyClean paving resists staining from infiltrating the paving surface so that spills can be simply wiped away.
Perfect for having outdoor dinner parties, or letting kids run around freely without worry for stained messes!
3. Think about who will be using your garden

Do you need a play area for children or grandchildren?
And do you need to consider an area for animals?
You may want to screen off unsightly items such as an oil tank, coal bunker or bins, anything that could take up room that can be utilised for activities. 
You could even make enough room to use any extra space in your garden for outdoor living options!

4. Think about creating a feature or focal point

Why not think about including a feature such as a circle in your paving, a path, or create a fire pit using Tobermore’s Secura Lite walling?
It can be that added design element to take your paving to the next level! 
5. Are you looking to include some floral features in your garden?

Incorporate some raised beds which can be easily constructed using Tobermore’s walling range.
This will also help add colour and character to your outside space. 
6. Will your area be used to park a car or just as a garden patio?

This will help you decide which hard landscaping products are most suitable for your project.
For driveways use block paving, for patios you can use block paving or patio flags. The choice is yours!
7. What can I do with a small garden?

There are lots of options to make the most of a small garden.
You can make a feature of your garden path by upgrading it with some decorative paving.
Consider linking paths and steps within your garden to create unique areas of interest.

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The above article was published on 9th of June 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.