Shed lots of information about sheds

Choosing the right garden shed is an important decision, as it can transform the look of your outdoor space but also how you use it.

With few questions answered, and some careful planning, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Whether that be a shed, summerhouse or log cabin to suit you and your garden, it’s easier than you think.

Hopefully our guide will help to make this experience fun and stress free!

What you are using your shed for?

Firstly, you need to decide on how you want to use your garden shed. If your shed is going to be a space for creating a studio or office, you will need enough space for computer equipment, a desk and chair. If you are looking to have a space to house visiting family or friends (or the dog!), then you will need space for a bed and wardrobe and also include power. But, if you are looking for a more generic use of a shed to store those valuable gardening tools, or a small space to escape from the world, then small shed or summer house would work perfectly.

Something to bear in mind, is that if you are looking to utilise your shed as an additional room or office, then please check with your local authority as you may need planning permission. 

What size should your shed be?

There is no right or wrong answer for this, it really depends on the size of your garden. You can find smaller garden sheds that have been designed to give you maximum storage space however you are better going bigger if you can, as we all know what tends to happen – you quickly run out of space!!

If you would like a shed just to store some tools, then our Tool shed is perfect. It is compact, to fit into any size garden, but also has space inside for all your gardening needs. Our Super Apex shed gives you an ideal storage space that would be great for your tools and bikes and comes in a variety of different sizes!

Summerhouses with a more internal space would work very well for you, if you are wanting a creative space. The Pentagon design or Summerhouse are bigger than storage sheds, and have a more home from home feel! This is perfect for living spaces out in the garden, and is a great look for all year round. However, these will be bigger, so take that into account when deciding.

Metal or Wood?

When deciding on materials or style, there is the option to buy metal or wood. It is your decision as to what you buy, but wood does have many advantages.
Wood is less expensive to build, it retains heat well, and gives your garden a better appearance. Also, because of the styles available, you can give your garden a more contemporary, or organic look. Completely up to you, and how you want your garden to feel! Also, wooden sheds can be painted and treated. So, if you ever feel like a change, you can paint it anyway you want! (We're thinking polka dots!)

Where will your garden shed be?

The important question to think about, is where you are going to place your shed. It should have enough space around it, so you can comfortable enter it, without having branches in your face! A lot of sheds go right by the fence. If you are thinking about putting it in a corner, please remember to make sure the roof of your shed does not go over any boundaries. Once sheds are in place, they are pretty hard to budge a couple of inches!

If you decide that a summerhouse would be ideal for your garden, it will need to be placed in a space that sees a lot of sun, hence the name. However, storage sheds should not be placed in a sunny spot, as you can then prevent items overheating.

If you have any overhanging trees, please take this into consideration. If it rains constantly, this could drip onto the shed and cause dampness. If your garden is damp, you could consider your shed being raised off the ground.

Hope this has shed some light for you, buying can be great fun, and you can choose exactly what is right for your garden! If you require more information, or would like to take a look at our range of Sheds or Summerhouses then please follow this link.