Timber Decking or Composite Decking? - Picking the right one for you!

Decking has come a long way since its surge in popularity in the 90’s, with new materials, colours and finishes coming through more and more every year, the options are blooming! But which direction to go down?

Before the 1990’s, Timber was the choice material for decking, however since then, Composite Materials have been improving and growing. Of course, there are always Pros and Cons with every decision, and making sure you choose the perfect one for you is vital, especially when it comes to choices for your home.
So, let’s try to make your life a little easier and give you what you need to know!

Timber Decking - 

If you are wanting to go for the real natural garden feel, then Timber decking is always the one to go for, whether Softwood or Hardwood, that depends on your budget! But, you can’t get much more natural than the real wood itself however it will cost you time and energy to keep it at its best.

Timber decking can last you a lifetime, if you look after it – When it comes to real Timber decking you will have to maintain the look and feel by giving it some attention periodically otherwise you could see issues through bowing, mould, weathering and slipping.

This can be maintained easily however, through washing regularly, treating and staining the wood every year at least!

Timber is also incredibly environmentally-friendly, and one of the most sustainable materials you can use. Here at Sydenhams, we are one of the largest independent Timber merchants and importers, carefully sourcing our timber so we can make sure that you only get the best, whilst also reducing any environmental impact. So when it comes to your decking, our Timber will be the best ecological choice!

When it comes to cost, you will find that Timber decking is cheaper to purchase and has less up-front costs, however you may find that you have to put some money into maintaining your deck in the future to keep it lasting longer and serviced.

On the other hand, you will find that if you choose Hardwood, it can naturally change colour as time goes on which, can be seen as a positive in keeping your deck as natural as possible and giving you that complete aesthetic.

One quality you cannot ignore is the strength of Timber, perfect for decking as it gives you the complete stable ground support that you need to be able to create a further living space outside.

Decking should be used not only for functionality and form but fun, Timber decking can give you the support you need to be able to add an outside dining table, plant herbs and vegetables, or giving you an area to entertain!

Now you’ve heard all about Timber decking, what about Composite materials for decking?


Composite Decking - 

When it comes to Composite decking, the longevity will differ depending on who you get your Composite materials from, although it is fair to say that Composite decking will always outlast Timber decking. Many companies have different warranties on their Composite decking as often they are composed of a different combination of materials, for instance, our friends over at Gronodec have a 25 year warranty! So, it can differ, however, you will find that most Composite Decking will last longer than Timber.

Most Composite decking is composed of a mixture of recycled wood fibres and recycled plastic as an alternative to wood, however they are made to look and feel incredibly similar!

There are advances within this material, which you can see through brands like Millboard, whose decking are formed from wood-free polyurethane combined with mineral stone to create a unique resin mineral board, which differs to most in giving you a really authentic Timber like finish.

Nevertheless, most of our Composite boards are impenetrable to rot and fading due to being UV resistant and weatherproof, meaning they only require minimal care through simple washing and brushing!

Therefore you will save lots of money on maintaining your deck throughout the years despite with the initial expenses being higher than those of Timber decking. Additionally, being slip-resistant, you are secure when it comes to disastrous weather, so your safety is assured!

Composite decking, looks and feels the same as Timber decking however the colours and style you can get with Composite completely changes the decking game.

You have options to keep the natural look and try to look as much like Timber as possible, or you can try more bold colours, we have many options for you.

Over at TruDeck, they have the widest decking boards in the market, which makes the contemporary look even more achievable.

A large difference with Composite decking is how you fix the boards - With most Composite decking, especially through us, you will find they have hidden fixings.

This makes installation even easier and doesn’t run the risk of nailing or screwing into the board which can cause weakness. Some options such as Millboard, use invisible screw technology where the board self-heats over the screw after fixing!

Composite decking is the perfect wood alternative for any home so if you were wanting the Timber look without the Timber, then this is the direction to go down!

Decking is the perfect addition to any Garden Design, whether Timber or Composite, that is down to you! However, adding a decking to your home will add value to your property through extending the useable living space from your house to your garden which is great for the whole family.

For any Decking needs, we have you sorted – From all the Timber decking to Composite decking options you want, plus Sealing, Timber stains, Protectors, Cleaners & other ancillary products you will need! Come into branch or get in contact to kick-start your new outdoor space!