Top Tips for Cleaning Garden Furniture

Yes, it’s that time of year again... You're taking your garden furniture out of storage ready for summer, but realise that it isn’t as clean as you remembered… don’t stress, we’ve got your back! Here are our easy and quick top tips for cleaning your garden furniture: 

Clean the Fabrics

The first step in the process is to remove the cushions and fabrics from your furniture, and clean them. This needs to be done about once a year and you can do this easily enough with the washing machine if your cushions have removable covers. However, if they aren’t removable then it is recommended you spot clean them with a solution using mild detergent and warm water.

Alternatively, if your cushion covers need a heavy duty clean, you’ll need to spray your fabric thoroughly using a solution made up of fabric stain remover and washing up liquid, concentrating on the stains. Once it has soaked for 20-30 minutes, use a hose to rinse away the cleaning solution and dirt.

Once the cushions and fabrics are washed, soak up all the excess water after cleaning with towels and dry completely before reassembling, preferably leaving them in an airing cupboard or on a radiator.

Remove Loose Dirt

Use a brush to remove any debris from the furniture you want to clean, before using a handheld vacuum to remove any extra dust. This will ensure that your furniture will be the cleanest it can be!


Wash with Sugar Soap

While it is also possible to wash your furniture with washing up liquid and water, we recommend using sugar soap, which is more often used for preparing walls prior to painting, as it leaves behind absolutely no residue. Use a soft cloth to wipe the furniture, or a toothbrush to remove tougher stains.

Rinse with a Hose

Although we sell a great variety of pressure washers, we don’t recommend using one for this job as it can be too powerful for some garden furniture. Instead, we suggest using a garden hose and afterwards allow the furniture to completely dry once it’s been rinsed.

Still Not Clean?

If the stains have still not come out, there are a few more methods you can use to try and remove them! For example, on white plastic furniture, try a diluted bleach solution to lighten the colouring. Ensure you first carry out a patch test and use safety wear. Remember not to rinse onto anywhere that might be affected by the bleach.

For discoloured wooden furniture, opt for a specialist product such as wood stain or colour restorer. These products can help your garden furnishings look good as new!


By applying protective products to your furniture, it will help to maintain it, while working to prevent future discoloration and staining.

Metal furniture requires specialist products to clean and protect it from rust, such as paste wax. However, if it’s already too late, you can find rust remover in our branches. This tip is also applicable to metal frames that your other furniture might have.

On the other hand, stone furniture also needs to be coated with stone sealant to inhibit the process of staining and corrosion.

You can even protect your outdoor cushions and fabrics! Fabric protector spray ensures your outdoor materials are water repellent and dirt adhesive.

If you’re interested in using protective products on your garden furniture, click here.

To ensure that your furniture stays in great condition all year round, we advise that you clean it twice a year and also move it to storage during the winter. This way it’s provided with the best possible protection!

All these products are available to order from your local Sydenhams branch, so please get in touch for more information and get your garden ready for summer!

The above article was published on 19th of May 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.