5 Ways To Save Energy At Home This Winter

It’s the question on everybody’s lips this winter - "How can I save money on my energy at home?"

We’ve got 5 easy, efficient and cost cutting tips to share with you that will hopefully help you save those ever-important pounds during the build up to Christmas…

1. Harness The Heat 

As we’re all very much aware, using anything heat related is particularly expensive at the moment, and with the sun rarely out, we have little choice but to tumble dry or dry our clothes on radiators and air dryers indoors.

Tumble drying costs (on average) around £1 a load, making it the most expensive option. Opting for an electrically heated air dryer can be more energy efficient and can also provide heat in your home.

If you don’t have a heated indoor air dryer, why not harness the heat from your radiators? Stretch a king size sheet out from the radiator to hold the heat over a clothes rack, that way none of the energy is wasted!

2. Not All Energy-Saving Light Bulbs Are Created Equal

LED lights utilise half the energy of larger fluorescent spiral 'energy-saving bulbs' and last far longer.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, moving from 50-watt halogen lamps to LEDs can save you up to £6 per bulb every year. As a general guideline, look for light bulbs with the lowest wattage.

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3. Flush out Filters and Clean Those Coils 

Its easy to expect our home appliances to continually perform without any maintenance, but just like anything they will benefit from so much needed T.L.C.

When was the last time you cleaned out your washing machine filters? Filters should be cleaned out every four months, according to experts, to eliminate any fur, food, or fluff. If a blocked washing machine is not cleaned on a regular basis, mould and mildew may grow.

It's a good idea to clean the condenser coils on your refrigerator to keep it working at peak efficiency. These are normally found at the rear of the refrigerator and have a grate or cover over them. 

It's a good idea to switch off the fridge first, just in case. Then, if possible, pull the fridge away from the wall and use a screwdriver to remove the panel covering the coils. When you see the coils, gently wipe the dust off to avoid any damage.  

4. Keep it Cool Where you Can 

Although it’s recommended to use hot soapy water when doing the washing up, cold water can be used for wiping surfaces, rinsing plates, or washing clothes.

In fact, washing your clothing on a cold cycle saves you money because you're not using as much electricity to heat the water.

5. Make The Weather Work for You 

It seems obvious and its simple tip but utilising the power of the sun or sealing up your home to stop windy draughts blowing in can in turn save you some cash.

Become a draught detective and block spaces where a cold breeze may travel in, something as old school as a draught excluder will do the job or consider nifty tools like draught-proofing strips to stop the chill coming in though the windows.

On the rare occasion that the sun is shining, hang the washing out on the line and make sure your curtains are open as this will ensure your home is benefitting from the natural warmth of the sunrays. However, as soon as the sun starts to disappear use your curtains or blinds to insulate your home and make sure they’re shut, purchasing thicker or even fleece lined curtains really will make a difference!

We hope these little hints and tips help you save a few quid where you can but if you really are struggling this winter, reach out to friends & family or even your gas, electric and water suppliers, often there is some form of relief or help out there! Don’t struggle in silence!

The above article was published on 22nd November 2022, and is subject to change and further guidance.