Answer this questionnaire to reveal your kitchen aesthetic

Imagine this: you’re building your dream house… Everything has been completed apart from the kitchen, but you can’t make a decision as to what aesthetic you’d like to have. Let us help you! Just answer the questions below, add up the points and find out which kitchen aesthetic is yours…

Choose your favourite dish from below

Lasagne (1 point)

Chocolate cake (4 points)

Pizza (2 points)

Sushi (3 points)

Which from the below is your favourite English destination?

Cornwall (1 point)

London (4 points)

Norfolk (2 points)

Surrey (3 points)

Next, which is your favourite flower from below?

Petunia (1 point)

Zinnia (4 points)

Lily (2 points)

Dahlia (3 points)

Everyone has a dream car – what’s yours?

Volkwagen Campervan (1 point)

Range Rover (4 points)

Tesla (2 points)

Vintage porsche (3 points)

Pick a must-have kitchen item

Cast-iron cookware (1 point)

Stand mixer (4 points)

Smoothie maker (2 points)

Smart fridge (3 points)

Lastly, choose an interior paint colour

Johnstone's Antique Sage (1 point)

Johnstone's Calming Stone (4 points)

Dulux Pearl Grey (2 points)

Dulux Stable Gates (3 points)

Now, add up your points from each answer to discover your kitchen aesthetic.

Based on your points, your aesthetic is...

6-10 points: Farmhouse Decor

You can’t get enough of that timeless and down-to-earth country style to make you feel cozy and at-home. You have an eye for antiques and rustic items, such as reclaimed wood, and prefer pantries and open cabinets to show these off in.

11-14 points: Eau Naturale

Plants are pretty much a hobby of yours. For that matter, anything related to nature is really. You’re obsessed with shades of sage and neutral tones, as well as wooden cupboards and furniture. The atmosphere that this interior design gives off is light and airy, which suits you and creates a feeling of satisfaction throughout the rest of your home.

15-19 points: Modern

You have expensive taste, enjoying the finer things in life. A modern kitchen suits you, decked out in only the latest technology, like a wine cabinet or Quooker tap. Dark stone worktops are your kryptonite, but you like to incorporate a pop of colour here and there to create a beautifully put-together kitchen.

20-24 points: Industrial

You’re an artsy person and you appreciate a good loft conversion from time to time. Functionality is a big interest of yours, especially clever and practical hidden storage. You’re a sucker for a subway tile splashback and you’d prefer to stick to neutral and monochromatic tones. We can’t forget your obsession with low hanging ceiling lights to really bring together that industrial appearance.

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The above article was published on 15th November 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.