Autumn Interior Trends

Autumn is here and that only means one thing: Hygge season is upon us! Hygge is a Danish word meaning, ‘to give courage, comfort, joy,’ and is associated with cosiness. The change in seasons is a perfect time to make your home a snug and comfortable space, especially in the Danish sense.

To help Scandinavians through the darker and shorter winter days, their interiors are designed to be as inviting and homely as possible… And the UK is taking inspiration from this. We’ll give you the lowdown on this trend – just keep reading.

Incorporate Natural Materials

We all know natural materials such as wooden cupboards and/or worktops are in this year, but have you considered interior stone cladding round a fireplace? Or bamboo and rattan furniture? As well as this, wooden floors can bring a sense of quality and timelessness to your home, and can be paired with any interior design!

Chepstow Grey Planed Oak from Woodpecker

Castelo Provance Veneer Cladding form Wild Stone

Use a Deeper Colour Palette

Going hand-in-hand with natural materials is natural paint colours, especially on-trend colours such as sage green and neutral greys… For an especially Hygge feeling, try a deeper colour palette to include warm and neutral earthy tones, and dark greens and reds.

Red Spice by Johnstone's

Capuccino Candy by Dulux

Layer Warm Lighting

It’s known that lamps give a room a warmer feel to it than one main light might, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a large part about creating a Hygge feeling in your home is ambient lighting. Layered lighting in particular adds depth and creates an atmosphere in a room. By combining different intensities, colours and shapes, you can create a bespoke mood in your home.

Leyton Lighting

Hafele lighting

Big Windows Bring Light

It’s increasingly important to have large windows during the winter months, so that your rooms are filled with as much natural light as possible in the daytime. If that’s not enough to convince you, imagine how cosy your interior would look with large curtains draped over these windows in the evening too!

JELD-WEN Stormsure Casement Deco Bar

JELD-WEN Sliding Sash Window


Tablescaping is the art of setting your table. This includes choosing a colour scheme and placing candles and other decorations onto the table. A popular and timeless centrepiece for dining tables is a bouquet of flowers. What’s stopping you from putting your own autumn spin on a bouquet, with plants such as red berries, green leaves and orange, white or red coloured flowers.

Why not welcome the outside into your home? Pumpkins are the It vegetable of autumn, and not just the big traditional ones that we use on Halloween! Incorporating miniature squashes into a tablescape, such as Jack Be Little or Baby Boo pumpkins, can be a really delicate yet beautiful way to bring fall colours into your home. As well as this, they last for 2-3 months so will not need frequently replacing

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The above article was published on 26th October 2021, and is subject to change and further guidance.