Christmas Dinner made easy with Neff!

We all love eating Christmas dinner, with the succulent meat, juicy vegetables, crispy roast potatoes and seasoned stuffing - it’s the meal of champions.

However, when it comes to cooking Christmas dinner, it can be incredibly stressful and often the job that no one really wants.

We want to try and take away that stigma by showing some Neff appliances and accessories that’ll make your Christmas cooking stress-free and therefor way more enjoyable!


Cooking the Meat!

Firstly, let’s talk meat – this can be the hardest part of the dinner to get right.

It’s not always easy trying to make sure it’s cooked to perfection, not overdone or underdone, and that it’s being cooked at the right temperature and for long enough. No one wants to get ill on Christmas!

With Neff you can take the guesswork out of it, with their clever built-in temperature probe feature. Available within the Neff N90 collection, the Multi Point Probe is perfect for cooking joints of meat as it measures the joints heat at three points to ensure it’s perfectly cooked throughout.
Additionally, you can go for Neff’s Single Point Meat Probe, offered within their N50 Collection, this will monitor the core temperature of your joint and automatically switches the oven off when it’s ready to be served.
This will make cooking your meat of choice for your Christmas Dinner that much easier, you’ll be able to know exactly when it’s ready to go and be assured it is cooked to perfection, without wasting time or worrying if it’s too early to take it out!

Cooking the Veg!

When it comes to your kitchen hob, it can often be difficult with juggling multiple parts of your Christmas dinner at the same time without your Kitchen filling up with steam!

Neff’s Venting Hobs are an ingenious 2-in-1 hob and hood that’ll make cooking a dream. These allow you to reclaim space in your kitchen by stepping away from conventional wall or island hoods and integrating it all into one.

Neff’s New N90 Venting Hob is a huge 80cm width with Double FlexInduction meaning you can move pots and pans anywhere within the FlexZone, their size and shape are automatically detected and heat is applied at their exact location.

Additionally it features a TwistPad Fire, Hob Hood Control, and on top of these has premium performance features like the PowerMove, PowerTransfer and FryingSensor.

Ultimately, it’s the integrated, powerful, built-in extraction mechanism that’ll be your Christmas dinner saviour. By keeping steam and smells down it allows you cook different types of food all at the same time, as it’ll have extracted any smell or steam before you can sense it!

Plating up hot food!

Now we go onto what’ll be your perfect kitchen assistant – Warming Drawers!

With Christmas dinner, there are so many stages of the cooking process, and many different types of food to cook.

These are ideal for proving, melting, defrosting and keeping cooked meals and your plates warm.

You won’t have to worry about parts of your Christmas dinner getting cold, or about keeping your food warm whilst another stage of your dinner is cooking – doesn’t that sound ideal!?

 The Clean up..

In the aftermath of your dinner being eaten by some happy, full stomachs, it’s then the clean up.

Surely whoever didn’t cook has to clean up at least! Well, Neff once again are here to make your life easier.

Firstly, they have a Pyrolytic cleaning function within some of their ovens that heats the inside of your oven to temperatures upwards of 400°C, reducing grease and food residue to ash.

Once the oven returns to a safe temperature and unlocks itself, this ash can be simply wiped away, tackling tough splatter and spillages.

Secondly, you can never go wrong with a Dishwasher!

The champion of all after dinner cleaning and of course Neff’s are extra special. With their Fully Integrated Dishwashers they are built invisible to the eye within your Kitchen being seamlessly tucked away. They have innovative programmes that’ll take care of all your cookware, including settings that’ll get through your most stubborn stains whilst taking care of the materials that are in them.

It’s the HygienePlus property that takes the cake – this function introduces a final rinse at very high temperatures to fight bacteria, perfect for chopping boards, cutlery and plates – all of which you use a lot of during Christmas dinner!

Overall, Neff has you covered in allowing you to have a stress-free Christmas, from start to finish!

Don’t hesitate to pop in your local showroom to have a chat about any of these products mentioned, or anything to do with your home – find your local showroom here. Come on in for a chat and we’ll be happy to show you any of these features and more from our live displays!

The above article was published on 14th December 2020, and is subject to change and further guidance.