Guide to buying Internal Doors for your home!

Picking the right Internal Doors for your home can be a bigger task than you may first think – With the sheer amount of different types to choose from whilst making sure they hold the right features for your home, it can be hard to decide. We’ve simply laid out what you should look for to make the perfect choice!

Firstly you’ll want to think about the construction of your doors as different types of doors can cater to different wants and needs for your home.

Some properties may require you to have Fire doors which are often seen as bulky and unattractive however there has been a lot of advancements for fire doors in domestic settings improving the aesthetic and creating more stylish options. You can also now find a small selection of Fire doors 35mm thick which will fit into existing door frames and linings which will save you time and money for installing. 

Internal Doors - Veneer
You can choose doors with different Core options that helps reduce noise in your home from room to room with options for different levels of reduction you desire.

Additionally, if you’re looking to go for more design consistency then you may want to look into Veneer doors that have consistent grain and colour to help give you the perfect match throughout your home.

There is also the classic Timber internal doors which whether more traditional or contemporary, we have a range of styles with Oak, Shaker and Pine to suit any type of furnishing. Ideal for those who are wanting a consistent home aesthetic.

If you’re looking at bringing more natural light into your space then you’ll want to look into getting a Glazed door as the glass allows you to close off a room whilst still allowing light to travel through – Frosted glass options will still allow you to enjoy some privacy!

After you decide on the construction of your door, you can then think about the Style.

You’ll find that single doors are seen most in domestic homes however there are other great space saving styles that can add an extra design element to your home – Bi Fold or Room divider options like Concertina and Pair doors are the ones to look for.

Internal Doors - Glazed
Internal Doors - Room Divider / Bi Fold
When it comes to the finish, if you’re wanting a door that will save you time and money you’ll want to go for a fully finished door which you can find through Timber, Veneer and Moulded construction & more.

However, if you’re wanting a DIY job or a little home project, then you can find Paint Grade doors which offer a timber veneered face surface ready for preparation, site priming and paint decoration.

You can also find these already primed so all you have to do is paint them your chosen colour!

All of these options allows you to have more control over how your doors look in the end.

If you now have an idea of what Internal Doors you’ll go for, take a look at our selection, here! All Sydenhams branches stock or can source an extensive range of doors and frames, depending on your requirements, from leading door suppliers like Premdor & LPD.

Please speak to your local branch to find out more information and they will be happy to talk through your requirements to ensure we can find the perfect solution for you.

The above artical was published on 29th October 2020, and is subject to change and further guidance.