Home DIY Projects

This time of year is the perfect time to complete DIY projects around the house, while we’re waiting for the weather to improve. We’ve selected some of the simplest, yet most effective projects you can get busy with before summer – check them out below!

Paint A Headboard

Photo sourced from Dulux

If you’re wanting to get rid of some of those old, half empty paint tins, why not paint a headboard to spruce up your bedroom?

To paint a perfect semi-circle is easier than it looks… Start by marking the centre of the semi-circle with a pencil and hammering a nail into this spot. Cut a piece of string to size (depending on how big you want the semi-circle to be) and attach it to the nail. Tie the other end of the string to a pencil and draw a semi-circle. If you don’t want to use a nail on your wall, extra strong tape should do the job!

Similarly, if you already have a headboard you could paint a wall mural in another place of the house.

Repaint Your Furniture

You don’t have to stop there with the paintbrush! Upcycle your pieces of wooden furniture to transform your house into a more modern and polished interior. If you’re feeling extra creative, consider painting a design onto the furniture.

Fir Your Own Wall Panelling

Photo sourced from Richard Burbidge

A perfect way to add texture and personality to your home, panelling your walls can be really easy. In fact, we wrote an entire blog on it – check it out here!

Create a Gallery Wall

Nothing beats a carefully curated selection of your favourite photos or artwork. In recent years, gallery walls have become increasingly popular, and that’s probably down to it being such effective way to transform plain rooms.

The most important step in this process is to collect photos, art and handmade prints that you love. Consider the colour scheme, the scale of your gallery wall and the arrangement. When you’re ready, measure up the wall space and lay your collection on the floor. Stand back and look at the collection. Rearrange the images on the floor until you’re satisfied with the result. Finally pick your frames and get those babies up on the wall!

Give Your Garden Furnishings a Scrub

Before getting your garden furniture out for the summer, ensure it’s looking it’s best by giving each piece a good clean. Check out our blog on cleaning garden furniture here,,,

Build a Garden Signpost

An especially enjoyable and quaint project, and a great activity to do with children, is to create your own garden signpost. This is particularly effective if you have a vegetable garden. To build the sign itself, we recommend using old recycled palettes, and sawing them down to the size and shape you’d like. Once you’ve made the sign, use an old paint tin to paint whatever designs and writing you feel suits you best.

Don’t forget that our Builders Merchants welcome retail customers for any project you might have. Or if you need to hire tools for your DIY jobs, please contact our Hire Centres for more information!


The above article was published on 21st of March 2022, and is subject to change and further guidance.